Story xxx៖ 6 year old part 1 [English version] (ក្មេងហាមអាន)

រឿងនេះមិនមែនញ៉ុមជាអ្នកសរសេរទេ    រឿងនេះជារឿងក្នុងសៀវភៅកំណត់ហេតុរបស់ក្មេងប្រុសម្នាក់។

ជាថ្មីនេះ ញ៉ុមសូមកុំឲ្យក្មេងអាន ព្រោះប៉ះពាល់ដល់អារម្មណ៍

ក្មេងហាមអានដាច់ខាត) ( Child not allow to read this story )

I touched my six year old sister last night.  I had not planned on doing it….it is something that they say you should not do…but after a while I just could not contain it anymore I had to touch her small body.  She is only 6 years old and so beautiful.  She has large green eyes that are always looking around at everything.  She  had a small body that was so
soft it was unbelievable.  She had a small bony ass that was tight and soft to touch and when she sat on my lap the little ass would be so good that I would be throbbing in a couple of seconds in my pants.  I use to, after her sitting on my lap,  have to go upstairs to my room and get on my computer and look at some of my gif  files of preteen girls that I had.  I would then jack off and most of the time it would be imagining my little sister  sitting on the floor in front of me sucking my cock. That night was to be different though…I had not known it till then. After I had watched t.v. for a little bit I  climbed upstairs to my room having decided to do some gif trading.  I was sitting online talking to some jerk who would not give me any gifs when there was a soft sound at my bedroom door.  I turned just in time to see my little sister in overalls standing at the door looking in my room.

I turned to her and said,  “yes Ashley can I help you?”
She had smiled at me her small lips curling upwards where two dimples were and her eyes lit up.   “Chris can you help me with my bath?”  I stopped
dead in my tracks and looked over at her.
“Ash you are old enough to bath yourself.”
She looked at me for a second then she said,  “ya,  but I want you to bathe me.  Gets lonely in that tub all by myself…and mommy daddy and Carol are all gone so I have no bath mates and it gets boring.  So please  Chris come take a bath with me.”  How would I be able to hide my hardon when I climbed into that tub with her.  I was already hard looking at her in those small overalls which were getting too tight for her small body.
I thought about it for only a second before I said okay to her.  Nothing happened in the bath.  I hid my hardon by putting bubbles in the tub and she never noticed.   I did touch her chest once but  that was playfully.    I covered my self with a towel before I got out and watched her as she got out. Her small clit was clearly visible to me.  The small lips were so perfect and the mound rose so perfectly I dreamed of touching that small area.  She put her small panties on and then her night gown.  It was long and went down to her knees, it was almost see  thought and I  could kinda see her panties. I walked her to her room and said to her,  “Come on Ashley get into that bed time for you to sleep.”  She sighed and said in a small voice that I barely heard the words no and I started to tickle  her tummy telling her that she was too going to get in that bed.  I lifted her off the ground while she was laughing and so was I totally forgotten about my hardon and my feelings for a little girl.  I laid her down on the bed and found that I was  on the bed with her.  That was  when I felt it her small body was all around me now. I felt her small legs that were thin and perfect.  My hand started to go down over her body and this I swear to you was unbelievable I was so hard in my boxershorts and I felt as if I could go  at any minute. My hand went down off of her small arms which were also making me  hard all the sudden.  She had stopped laughing sensing that something else was up in the way that my hand moved over her small tummy and traced it.  I moved her nightgown up wards all the way up above  her chest.   She was just looking at me.   I kept tracing her small belly button. My cock was hurting now it needed to be relieved lots it hurt so much.  My hand kept tracing
though and then it moved downwards.  I  started to pull her panties down wards.   She kept her legs straight but raised her butt so that I could get the panties off.  I slide them off of her and looked down at the small lips that were there and my hand slightly started to trace them.  With my touch she spread her legs for me and I could see now her folds and I looked at her small face and noticed that it was flushed and she was panting.  I felt inside her folds and that was when I felt it, my little sister was wet.   I slowly traced the inside with my hand and that was when I felt the pain in my cock I  ad to let that out I had to. I started to pull down my boxers and my sister looked disappointed as I took my hand away.  I stood up  and pulled my boxers off of my body and my cock shot out and up.  Ashley just stared at it and Iaid back down next to her.  I had to be  relieved.  I took her small hand and rapped it around my cock.  It only went around halfway.  I showed her how to move her hand and as she did that I moved back to her folds and started to make her pant again. Her brown  hair was full of sweat now.   I felt her go at about the same time that I did and she looked at the white stuff rushing out of my  cock and over her hand she smiled  a little bit and I said to her.                                               “You can never tell mom or dad Ashely they would kill me, or Carol this is our little secret.” She promised of course though she looked reluctant she loved it though I could tell.  I touched my little sister and that is what happened.        We are going to do it again and when we do I will send you another story of what happened

Part 1 end.

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