Easy way to find Children (boy)?

Riverside is a source for the meeting of children, adolescents, adults, it is simply easier to meet. Wat Phnom , this is the place for the meeting of many  people, especially at night. Now, I wrote about a group of boys selling services that have less than 15 years of age.
These children from what we have here?
The purpose of the people who stand at the Wat phnom most common is the need of the funds is the main reason that makes someone stand at Riverside, The proceeds will be going to continue it. It has many different to meet  to see these children, some house, some people homeless every night, so we have a chance to see the children under the age of 15 years standing show transparency mad seniors against children. This is not a little selling just travel amongst the popular kids. Some people carry one after another couple of people (not to take anything Child model).
Price of a child under the age of 15 years of a child from another version of kumardarakon?
Say that blank Near same price. But in most cases the child will have knowledge of  bargain less than an adult wolf, if an adult is almost always call for 10 buck or 20 buck , but if a child less than 15 customers on price. Sometimes children do not think it was something I went to 10 buck, 15 buck and I have spoken to each other so easily that no reliable this Saturday. Try car wax or vaseline to any home asking prices are high price.
Children under 15 stand part of the Revierside .
Most of these children will stand as a group. Kumardarakon is unusual for a child already. The crowd often likes to stand together. Many points to remember are usually children under 15 years is a corner of the Wat Phnom on the opposite side with the MINISTRY of Public works and transport and   CDC  and EDC . Children’s Palace provides the all important home there is a lot of the second to change area.. Neighborhood bus stop direct mail or report to the NGO.

Rent is much the same.Hotels wishing to carry the child to be careful with police.
There are many more then that gets to play with police because it collects children under 15 years (or less than 18 years catching) a case . Sihanoukville is a trip to be careful as well. Some hotels not to take  children with Strange adult to stay, but some have . This is not middle-sized hotel which took the Cup home to the children. Which hotel do not bring children into.
However, depending on Kumardarakon does not think kids will see that the child or adult. Do not protect yourself too important tab.


Kumardarakon  =   ក្រុមហ៊ុនកុមារតារាកុន     ( ក្រុមហ៊ុនញុំ)

car wax = ប្រេងរំអិល

vaseline =  វ៉ាសឺលីន (  ឡេ )  តែក្នុងអត្ថបទនេះ ប្រែថា ទឹករំអិល


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