Tim little boy Part1 [15+]

This is not allow for kids to read  15+

The little boy was sleeping, Okay, I had to help him and something in her glass, where, in which he had expected Cola pure. The tasteless powder did not fail his sired effect spices. Now he lay on the couch and I picked it up to him to take over in my bedroom. He knew nothing about it.

At the carnival, where I had identified a couple of hours earlier, he had been alone for a while had been standing at the bumper cars, then shot a few rounds before he aimlessly current crop over the railing. sometimes here and sometimes there stopped at the rides, the people watching. When I spoke to him, he leaned against a railing and watched the rapid loops of the Turbo-Racer. He might not be more than ten, perhaps even younger. I’m going to find it – I thought. His watch, dark brown eyes wandered, watching the event. He had a pretty face, left and right, flashed on two sparkling earrings, not really, but nice to watch ..

His dark hair seems very close-cropped, but it did not look closely because he was wearing a baseball cap with the shield to the rear. The boy was in this typical ultra-wide baggies who presented his well-worn sneakers to the floor, and a hooded sweatshirt. Emblazoned on his chest, a thick tank track, of course, fashion jewelry, like a small chain around the right wrist. Guys who adorn themselves with this kind of irritate me immensely. And so there was no question that I wanted to concern myself closer to him.

His name was Tim, and was “almost nine “, as he enlightened me after I had spoken to him. I pretended that I would watch the nightly goings-interested, then I asked him whether he was also already gone out with. He said no. “Too expensive, costs 3 euros, ” he explained to me. “But would you still drive safely even so, is it?” I asked. He nodded. “Sure.” I grabbed my purse and took out 20 euros. “I would taking a risk. here, but go to the checkout and get as many tickets as you can get for it, okay?” He looked at me blankly for a moment, then nodded, turned back and pushed through the crowd to standing around teller. A few minutes later he came back with 6 cards and 2 € change. “Thanks,” I said, and pocketed the coins. “Come, I invite you to sleep, like you go going well!”

When the speaker announced to the next trip, we boarded one of the empty vehicle and left the safety rail. The little boy took his baseball cap from his head and held it. Shortly thereafter began the Turbo-racer and we were lifted into the air. Three trips made rapid succession with us, I was after wards glad to be back on solid ground under their feet. “Thanks, ” he said, looking at me. “So now what?” I wondered. “What you have the pleasure?” He did not take long for an answer: “Actually, I’m hungry.” We went to the snack bar, I ordered for me for a kebab skewer and he had an appetite for a fat hamburger with fries. I approved a beer, he got a Coke.

Fully refreshed, we strolled back then about the place, went several times with the bumper cars, mediocre marksmanship proved the Shooting houses and wasted a few rivets on the exception for € Losbude. When she walked in ten clock, I asked him if he does not have to go home. He said no, his parents had gone away over the weekend and glad to do it over there, and can be to what he would like. “I do not anymore, ” I said. “What does he do instead?” asked Tim. “Well, maybe watch an exciting movie. I could borrow a DVD.” That seemed to please him. “Cool, what really ech between with that would be great.” I nodded. So we made our way to the parking lot, and I went with him to the video store where he waited in the car while I made it clear the rental.

Once home, he looked interested in how my apartment was set up and where the player was. While I left Tim in the living room to operate the unit, I pulled myself to something else. I opted for a muscle shirt and very tight hot pants. Then I fetched drinks from the kitchen and also provided to a little nibble on the table. We made ourselves comfortable on the sofa, he left me. The film began. He left me when I put my arm around his shoulders. The action flick, full of chases and all sorts of spectacular effects, seemed to please him. Transfixed watching the event. I pulled him closer to me, my hand around his slender waist, and pushed up the hoodie a play, so I could feel his warm, velvety skin. He did not mind.

My tail was it cramped in the hot pants. I got a hard on. This boy excited me. The more I touched it, the stronger was my desire to make more with him, then drive it with him. About half of the movie it was so wide, that in the drink-mixed powder began to work. The boy slid first into a doze, he fell asleep. So I carried it over into the bedroom. Tim was lying naked on the bed, I had pulled all the clothes from his body and got rid of my scanty clothing. The boy was breathing calmly and evenly. I grabbed his legs, spread them far apart, and with both hands, I stroked his strong leg up to the crotch. I bent over him, my tongue began to work and alternately licked the insides until his dick. Tim had a sweet and maximum fresh appetizing nuts, smooth and completely hairless. I kneaded it a few times between my fingers and then took me in front of his cock that was hard under my affectionate treatment, even more so when I invaginated my lips about it and began to suck. I love to suck a boy the tail. A fortify, if it is so appetizing specimen is like that of Tim. Boys his age are perfect anyway. I’ve nibbled a few and often enough it did not lick or suck at. And with Tim, it would not be otherwise.  With two fingers I was holding his penis, the foreskin pulled back and nibbled on the pink glans, the tip of the tongue gently against his pressuring Piss slit and I tasted this unique Boyflavor. My own cock was like a one. The day before I had shaved my braces elastic bands fresh, and the heavy eggs were filled to capacity. I decided to push the sleeping boy my shiny tail tip between the teeth. So I knelt over him, lifted his head and rubbed the glans initially about Tim’s cheeks and then pressed it against his lips. A little after I helped to open his mouth. He breathed evenly and still got from all this with nothing. When I felt the warmth of his Mundhoehle and my tail tickled his palate, I was more excited……. oWOWOWOW….so cool feeling….

The sight of an innocent boy, a thick, hard Men cock has lodged in the mouth, is simply divine. And if he then – as in Tim’s case – unconsciously sucking it, you’ll feel in seventh heaven. The younger the child, the more intense it sucks too. Because no accident we are told, it was an instinctive impulse, not derive from the first months of the child, as the bottle had been the only source of food. When Tim radioed the brain in much the same signals, because he accepted my cock, the more I let it slide down his throat, and sucked it. Was that a relief! My latte now stuck to the eggs in Tim’s boy mouth, the fat Kloet rubbed at his chin. I was stroking Tim’s shaven skull and pushes it more firmly against touched my quivering tube until the tip of his uvula. Then I took out a piece of my tail, but not quite, to push him into it again in its entirety. Not too much I would have missed him a hearty face fucking, but I wanted this beauty boy would rather take her from behind. His ass excited me the whole time. And could there really nothing more exciting than to fuck this eight years old boy. As he slept, he would feel no pain. In this sense, this type of defloration would boldly for a lot more penetrations following, which would of its own accord and then Tim would feel confident and enjoy pleasurable. Meanwhile, I was sure. If not me, then Tim would soon be birds of other guys. As open as he had me and my unique Anna claims concerning marriage changes, it was only a matter of time  at all boys his age are no longer a more, but highly curious. You now know exactly which stimuli they have, and above all, how and to whom can use them. Certainly not only with peers or slightly older boys, but also and especially to men. I know from a friend who has done this by reason of work with children (he is a teacher) that not only early-pubescent girls but also some boy is open for something. In his job is of course risky, but also opened a lot of opportunities. And my friend can not assume.

I for one wanted to take my chance with Tim, who sucked noisily at my pleasure donor. Long I would stand it no more, especially since my first drop of secreted lout. My precious semen anal miss but I wanted Tim. So’s time was for a change of position. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and leaned over the boy. I could feel the warm breath, embraced him and kissed him on his beautiful curved lips. For a while I held him so tightly, rubbing her tongue deep in his MUndhoehle, while my steel-hard cock down at his legs. Then I sat up, the boy turned on the abdomen, angled to his legs and massaged his round crescents.

Tim’s crisp Poor boys was worth every sin. I pulled the halves apart and rubbed with a composition far two thumbs ass notch up and down. The sight of his childhood hole I let the water run together in the mouth. I picked up a bottle of lube, she bolted and took a few splashes of it that I distributed rings around its shimmering light pink anus. I was gentle thumb pressure against the hole greased and highest satisfaction felt when the sphincter gave way and I could put through a thumb. I am so set in his side that I could bury my face deep in his ass score. Tim smelled so good. For me, it is highly erotic, fingers to the Anus ring a boy turns and manipulate with the tongue tip. I took my time for that. And the harder I worked the entrance to Tim’s pussy, the easier it was to the sphincter. Half of my tongue I was in Tim’s asshole pressured and I enjoyed the slightly bitter taste. I think I was busy at least half an hour so, Tim’s boy hole to stretch and prepare for what I had for him……..

To be Continue part2

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  1. Thomas Topan

    I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


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