Tim little boy [15+] Final

This is not allow for kids to read  15+

For several minutes I lay like that, my half-stiff was still in him. And when I finally pulled out, swollen remnants of semen from Tim riddle boy hole. I buried my face in his ass again scored and licked at my own pleasure juice. What a treat! Just like the cigarette after the last but I should be ended.

On the package had been that the effect of the drug well and happy lasted six to eight hours. It had been just four hours since I had given him. So Tim would sleep for a while. I took him two more times that night, for all good things come in threes. Fuck me and everyone gave the same pleasure as the first time, however, the sheet was soiled follows that I changed before the morning dawned.

Only nine clock Tim was awake in my arms. I had hardly slept, but I did not mind. A little surprised he rubbed his eyes when he saw that we were both naked under the covers. “Did you see me undressed?” he asked. I nodded. “Yes, you were suddenly became very tired and fell asleep. How it was time to go to bed. I sleep usually always naked, and pajamas in your size, I had unfortunately not had to hand, ” I added with a smile . Tim smiled. “Do nothing Yes, ” he answered. “I slept great, ” he added.

“And do you have dreamed it?” I wanted to know. Tim nodded. “Yes, go all weird things like carousel and roller coaster and all that mess.” I grinned. “Well, what a luck that you are present fallen out of bed.” Tim winked at me and said archly, “You had me so well fixed in your arms, right?” I nodded. “That’s right. It would also be a shame if such a pretty boy like you on the floor and plops himself unnecessarily bruising gets, right?” And a little before he could reply, I gave him a kiss right on the mouth. I was curious how he would react to this caress. He took her to loose and smiled at me without saying a word. I stroked his cheek and whispered in his ear: “You are really a sweet boy, you know that?” He thought for a moment what to answer, and then said: “. I think you’re also quite nice” The I went down like oil. I hugged him and kissed him this time on the forehead. “I am pleased. I think we can be good friends if you like. you do?” Tim nodded. “Yes, please. But now I kinda hungry, ” he added. I released him and said, “Okay, let’s shower quickly and then make breakfast I can tolerate a proper strengthening..”

It passed anyway for a while before we sat in the kitchen at Breakfast table. For the common showers unexpectedly took longer than expected. This was because I had Tim soap at his request, and I promptly got a hard on. It seemed not at all surprise to the contrary. And so the supposed right to a  matter, during which he put to me very crucial point in hand and got me in this way a recent departure.

Since that day, Tim goes regularly with me on and off. I had already said that boys his age very open and can be highly curious. Tim’s curiosity, coupled with relevant intellectual curiosity, led to the result that he received shortly all taught what he wanted to know about sex. And the practical lessons it brought to me that he always took down a maximum finger ready. The drug I’ve never used anymore, because now he holds me back from even his cute ass. To let him fuck me, that he likes. And I like it all.


កែសំរួលដោយខ្ញុំខ្លះ អានហើយ ហាមសើច រឺយកតំរាប់តាម





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