1st Orgasm (other person story) (+13)

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This Topic i just got from other guy that had sexual experience

What do you remember about it? I am NOT talking about your first sexual experience with the opposite sex, or significant other. I am talking about your very first ORGASM, whether it with somebody else, or by your self, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!


I was 13 years old (male). Lying in bed. Thinking about this HOT 7th grader chick. Her name was LuAnn. I had a VERY intense crush on Lu Ann for about a year, but never got up the nerve to even talk to her. I just kept rubbing it, didn’t really have the technique down, just rubbing and thinking about LuAnn. This went on for probably 20 minutes when all of a sudden I felt this VERY INTENSE throbbing sensation. It wasn’t even remotely pleasant. Just weird. In fact it was PAINFUL. IT SCARED THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME!!!!! I thought that I had broken something!!!!!!!

I got up out of my bed and ran to the bathroom. My parents were still up and I was absolutely terrified that they were going to come rushing in and ask me what was wrong. They didn’t. I fully expected to find something drastically wrong when I finally got to the bathroom and got the light turned on. What I found was NOTHING. No wet underwear or ANYTHING. Nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary.

Anyway, that was MY first experience with an orgasm, by by self. In fact it SCARED ME SO BAD that it took me a month or so to get up the nerve to try it again.

WOW, I have been living with this for 36 years. I am now 49 years old. I have since got the technique down quite well, plus my wonderful wife of 26 years helps out quite a bit, if you know what I mean.

I just feel so much better for having gotten this off my chest. How about everybody else. Anybody else have any interesting stories??????????

Just one additional thing. When this happened at 13 years of age, I had had NO sex education either from my parents OR at school. That is probably why it SCARED THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME. I was expecting nothing to happen. I didn’t know ANYTHING about orgasms. All that I knew was that it felt good to rub it. When the actual orgasm happened I was like,

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I don’t recall how old I was, but I was probably around 10 or so. One of my favorite things to do in the bath was to soap up the sides of the tub, sit on the edge and slide down (we had a gradual slope to our tub then). I would usually do this as the water was filling the tub, before it got too deep. I slid down and under the faucet with my legs up. The water was pouring onto my vulva and I realized it felt good. It took quite a long time, but I finally orgasmed. From then on I never fought with my parents about bathtime 😉

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I was 15 and my bf was 17. We were both virgins when we started screwing in the back seat of his car. we had done it a few times and I couldn’t see what the big deal was about sex then one night he picked me up in his dad’s station wagon.
We folded the back seat down, gave us lots of room,he was big in more ways than one, had room to spread out. He climbed on and was pounding the hell out of me with that big cock and suddenly I went off like a rocket. I had never heard anyone talk about orgasms so it was a real pleasant surprise.

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I had my first orgasm at around 10 years old, not sex. You can’t get pregnant just having an orgasm. 😉 Also, I don’t have children.

: had my first ejeculation aged 9 at school looking up a teachers skirt.

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I was 12, and tried rubbing myself because friends were talking about it. After a couple of minutes what I can only describe as a totally involuntary thumping feeling from somewhere low down took me over, my legs contorted, I felt like some electric shock had taken me over and I stopped touching myself. I was frightened and saw some clear fluid on the head of my cock. I wasn’t sure what it was, then felt tingly all over and had an irresistible wish to carry on touching myself, suddenly it exploded big-time and I nearly passed out. The amount of fluid that shot everywhere really scared me. I felt guilty but couldn’t rationalise it, but it had been so intense that I went away loads of time to be on my own whenever I could to do it as much as I could. I tried to avoid bedtimes so I didn’t make wet marks on the sheets. Later in life my only regret is that nobody has been able to wank me off or suck me off however long they’ve taken over it, maybe it all goes back to that first time. One girl tried to suck me off for ages, then as soon as she went to put me in her I shot off all over her thigh. I’ve no idea why. It was really embarrassing. Some women have told me that it may be because I was circumcised as a baby and there’s not foreskin to slide over the head, which apparently is what you need to wank someone off properly.

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  1. hhaahahaha ចេះតែមានម៉ងល្បង

    • monyrinataro

      ចេះតែមាន? វាជាការពិតមួយ មិនអាចប្រកែកបានទេ ធម្មជាតិមនុស្ស….
      រឿងដែលនិយាយថាចេះតែមាននោះ គឺមានច្រើនណាស់ ដែលមិនបានដឹង


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