Little Klaus (Gay story)

Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between an
adult and a consenting minor. If such content is against your taste, you
should leave now!
Stories like this could be against the law. If this worries
you in any way, you should leave too!
«បើមិនពេញចិត្តកុំអាន» អត់មានអង្វរទេ ហើយរឿងនេះក៏មិនមែនជារឿងខ្ញុំដែរ

Klaus dodged the two defending players, as he ran for the goal. This was his chance to get the winning-score for his team! His ball-control was remarkable. Only the goalkeeper could ruin his success right now! He shot and… GOAL!!! His friends came up to him to hug him and the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game. With 2 to 1 goals they won it. Now they lifted him up to their shoulders and carried him to the side of the soccer-field. There they let him down. The coach approached him. “Hey, Klaus! Congratulations! Don’t take too long in the locker-room! Your mom waits for you in my bureau and said she had to talk about something with you! Are you in some kind of trouble? She doesn’t seem to be very happy!” he said. “I don’t know!” Klaus muttered and rushed down the path to the locker-room. Sure, he knew what happened! His teachers surely sent a letter to his mom, because he was in danger to miss the needed results in his
class. If his grades wouldn’t go up, he would be held back in school. He skipped the shower today and immediately dressed up in his street-clothes. Klaus knew if his mum was in bad mood it was a bad idea to let her wait too
long. His heart beat wildly as he walked towards the bureau.

As he entered the room he saw her sitting at the desk of the coach. She looked toward him, with a serious expression in her face. “Hi Mum! I shot the winning goal today!” Klaus said instantly to lighten the mood. “Is that so?” she said. “Maybe it would have been a good idea, to show the same enthusiasm in school! Your teachers called me! They say you miss the needed grades in maths, German and history! Klaus! That’s not acceptable! We have to do something about this! I have hired a tutor for you, who will help you get your grades up again. He will come home to us every day after school
now!” she said in a harsh tone. “But I have training after school!” Klaus muttered. “Yeah I know! Maybe you should have thought of this before! I already talked with the coach! I will get you out of the team immediately!” she said. “NO!” he cried out. “You can’t do that! Soccer is my life!”

“Oh, I can and I will young man!” she said. “I don’t want to leave the team! Please! I will get better again! I will do anything, but don’t do this!” Klaus pleaded. “It’s already settled! Now go, get your things!” Without another word he turned around and left the room. <She couldn’t do this! I hate her!> he thought. He turned to the exit of the sports-field and began
to run. Tears ran down his face. He would run away and never come back! Without a thought he ran over the street.

He heard the screeching of brakes, he felt the sharp pain as the car hit him, then the world went dark.

Four weeks later he awoke from the coma. He was lying in a bed at the intensive-care of a hospital. He looked around and saw the machines he was attached to. There was an infusion of some kind sticking in his arm. A nurse entered the room. As she saw that he was counscious, she immediately called the doctor. Klaus wanted to ask her what happened, but some kind of tube stuck in his throat. A few minutes later a doctor arrived and began to examine him. Then he removed the tube from his mouth. The doctor told him about his situation, but he couldn’t understand all the strange words he used. After a few minutes, the doctor saw the clueless expression in Klaus’ face and sighed. “You worried us a little, young man!” he then said. “You had an accident and were in a coma for some time! A coma is kind of a deep sleep. Maybe after this long time, you are a little disoriented. Do you know where you are?” the doctor said. “Hospital!” Klaus croaked lowly. “Yes, that’s right, Klaus! I’m Dr Kruger! Some of your intestines were damaged at the crash, but we fixed it again.” Dr Kruger continued. “Intestines?” Klaus muttered.”Intestines are the organs lying in your body.” the doctor informed him. “Klaus! There was another thing! Your right leg had a complex fracture. Some of the splinters hurt the parts in your leg, you need for walking. But don’t worry! We are good doctors here and repaired it again! I just say it, because you will need some time to get back in shape again!” Some weeks later the fracture was nearly healed. But it didn’t get too well for little Klaus. The bands in his leg were severely damaged, so his leg wouldn’t develop the strength it had before. Klaus was very depressed as he heard this, for it meant that he couldn’t play soccer anymore. His mom sat beside him at the bed, as he heard this news. “Hope you are happy now! Now I can’t play anymore! I hate you!” the 10-year old boy yelled at her. His mom got tears in her eyes and rushed out of the room. Dr Kruger spoke to him again. “That wasn’t very nice, Klaus! It’s not her fault! And by the way: You could live a fairly normal life with this damage! Tomorrow you will meet Martin Forster our physio-therapist who will help you to get back in shape.” “I don’t want to see him! I don’t want to see anybody! Let me alone!” Klaus yelled.

Nontheless Martin came to him, the very next morning.”Hi Klaus! I’m Martin! I’m here to help you getting back on your feet!” he said cheeringly. “I don’t want your help! I told the doctor yesterday, I don’t want to see anyone! Leave me alone!” Klaus yelled at him. Martin looked at him surprised and said. “Seems you are in a bad mood today! The doctor said you are strong enough now! We have to do this to make sure you could walk again! You want to walk again, don’t you?” Suddenly the dam inside Klaus broke down and he started to cry. “No! I just want to be left alone! I can’t play soccer
anymore with my bad leg! Why do you want to help a cripple like me, anyway?”
Martin sat down on the side of his bed and looked at him. “You think you are a cripple? You can do nearly everything you want! You just have to try it, just like I did!” he said lifting his left leg up on the bed. He slided up his jeans and exposed a leg-prosthesis. Klaus looked up at him with an expression of utter shock. “I’m sorry! I didn’t know…! I don’t wanted to
say this…!” the little boy muttered searching for words and blushing fiercely. “Don’t worry little guy! I learned to live with it! And I decided to help others, living again too!” Martin said.

Klaus looked at the prosthesis fascinated and asked:” When…, I mean how…?”   “I had a car-accident a few years ago and they had to take it away! I was devastated at first, but with time I learned to live without my leg! The prosthesis is really good! I can do nearly everything with it!” Martin explained. “C…can I touch it?” Klaus asked blushing even more.
“Sure! Just go on! It won’t bite!” Martin said, smiling again. Klaus reached out and touched the smooth surface of the artificial limb. He felt a shiver running down his spine and his pecker suddenly hardened. “Awesome!” he muttered. “Thank you, cutie! Now come on! Stand up, to start training! In no time you will run around again, buddy!” Martin said. Klaus blushed again. “I…I can’t stand up!” the little boy stuttered. “Oh, come on Klaus! Just try it” Martin said and lifted the blanket from the little boy. He looked down the little body and saw the tented out briefs that hid the sweet hard-on of the boy. Martin reacted swift, saying:”See? You already have a crutch ready!” pointing at the stiffie. This remark lifted the tension again and Klaus started laughing sweetly. “That’s no crutch! I just got a stiffie!” he said. “What? This is your stiffie? Come on! It’s much too big for this!” Martin said and poked him in the belly. Klaus started laughing even more, as Martin now started to tickle him all over. After some time Klaus was really exhausted and begged for mercy. They looked at each other smiling. Suddenly Klaus looked down again smiling coily. “Do you really think my pee-pee is big?” he asked, blushing again. “It sure is, sport! Now come on, let’s try to train a little!” >From this moment on, the two got along really well. Klaus cooperated and soon he was healthy enough to leave the hospital. Martin even convinced him to apologize to his mom. Now they stood in the entrance-hall of the hospital and waited for Klaus’ mom to get him. “I don’t want to go! Maybe we don’t see each other again!” Klaus said near to tears. Martin replied: “Come on, buddy! You knew this day would come! Here is my card! If you want to talk with me, you can call me anytime! Ok, little buddy?” Klaus embraced him with
his little arms. “Thank you! You are a real friend for me! I… I even think I love you!” Klaus said. “Thank you Klaus! That’s nice of you!” Klaus’ mom arrived eventually and Martin waved after them as they drove off. Martin felt really sad. Klaus was a lovely little guy. Even more disturbing was the fact that his dick went rigid, as he felt the hug of the little boy! He had the slight feeling, that his feelings about Klaus were much deeper than he thought. “I love you too!” he muttered thoughtfully, before he went back in.

In the car Klaus started to talk to his mom. “Mom? I’m really sorry about what I said to you! It wasn’t your fault! I love you mom!” His mom looked at him with tears in her eyes and drove to the side of the road to stop. Klaus could see the  clear signs of more than one sleepless night in her eyes. After the car was parked she reached over to him and hugged him to her chest. “Oh my baby! I’m so sorry that this happened! It was just because of the quarrel we had, that you ran out on the street! Let’s promise to talk about everything that worries us from now on!” They both began to cry. Klaus sat back on his seat and suddenly got really thoughtfull. “Is something wrong, darling?” his mom asked worried. “Yeah, mom! I think there is something I have to tell you!” Klaus replied.

Martin threw himself into his work, but he couldn’t forget the little tyke. He always saw the the image of Klaus, standing before him. The lovely smile, that extended over his clear blue eyes. The sweet button-nose, that uses to crinkle up when he laughs, the soft blond hair, cut short. His 4’4″ body that showed the signs of his sports-training. He had to think of  something else. His dick was already hard again, just because he thought of him. It couldn’t be! It was already 14 days ago, that Klaus left and he couldn’t manage to get him out of his head. He couldn’t fall in love with a boy this young, or could he? He had to do something. He called the office and took a few days off. He hoped it would help him get over his confusion.

Martin sat in his living-room looking tv, as he received the call. “Hi Mr Forster! My name is Jessika Peters! I’m Klaus’ mom! He talks about you night and day! Would you talk with me perhaps? I need your help!” Klaus mom said to him. “What happened? Is he alright?” Martin asked worried.”Yes, don’t worry! It’s not Klaus who has a problem! It’s me!” she said. “So, tell me! I’m all ear!” Martin said. “You have to know, that my husband and I were divorced two years ago! So I have to work hard to earn a living for me and Klaus. Now I have to go on a business-trip for my company and it isn’t
possible to take him with me! Everytime he speaks of you, he seems to think of you as some kind of hero! He hasn’t spoken of a male person in this way since his dad left us! I think he needs a person that could do things with him…, you know, like daddies do! I know I ask much of you, but would you consider to let him stay at your place for the next week?” she asked
desperately. “Sure I would!” he replied much too enthusiastically. He heard Klaus cheering in the background and had to grin. The little bugger had heard everything. “Thank you, Mr Forster! I’m very gratefull for this and as you surely can hear Klaus is too!” Jessika said laughing. They exchanged their addresses and two hours later Klaus and his mom stood before the small house of Martin. “Are you sure, you will be alright?” his mom asked him for the n-th time. “I was never so sure! Thank you that you make this possible! I love you mom!” Klaus said, while hugging her strongly. Then they said
their good-byes and Klaus limped up to the door.

Klaus’ heart beat wildly as he stood before the door. His hand was shaking as he reached for the door-bell. He looked back at his mom, waved at her another time and after another deep sigh he pushed the button. He had the feeling, it took an eternity, but then the door opened and he saw Martinsmiling down at him. “Hey buddy! Ready to rumble? Let me help you with your baggage!” Martin said. He waved over at Jessika, who already climbed back into her car. “Don’t your mom want to speak with me again?” he asked Klaus. “She doesn’t have time! Her plane departs in an hour or so!” Klaus replied,
while entering the hall. Martin took up the suitcase and followed him in. Martin led him into the living-room and they sat down on the couch. “So! Now you are here! I have to tell you that I only have one bedroom, so you probably have to sleep here on the couch! Are you ok with this?” Martin said. “I think so!” Klaus muttered. Martin noticed the boy’s sad expression and asked:”What worries you, little guy?” “It’s just that I ain’t used to stay away from home this long! I’m a little scared!” Klaus said. “Oh come on, buddy! What could happen to you?” Martin asked. “I don’t know! But since the accident I have bad dreams sometimes! Couldn’t I sleep with you in your bed? This way I would feel much safer!” Klaus muttered. “Oh, my bed isn’t that big, you know?” Martin said. “Oh, I don’t need much space!… Please!” Klaus pleaded. Martin couldn’t resist the puppy-dog look of the little tyke. “Ok,ok! We try it!” he said. Klaus jumped into his lap and hugged him. “Cool! Thank you!” the boy cheered.

Martin had no difficulties to entertain Klaus. He had rented some movies to look and had a video-game ready, where the little tyke won round after round. They had frozen pizza for dinner. Time flew by in a hurry and soon it was evening. “So, little buddy! Time for bed! I will prepare your bath!” Martin said to Klaus. “Oh, come on! Not yet!” the boy whined.  Although he was really tired and yawned from time to time, he really enjoyed the company of his big friend. His whole body felt warm and tingly, when he was near him. “I can see that you are tired, buddy!” Martin said, stepped up to him
and lifted him up in his arms. Klaus surrendered fully and let himself fall on his chest. Martin carried him up to the  bedroom. “Get something to wear in bed from your baggage, while I fill the tub!” he said, as he let him down again. Then he went to the bathroom. After a few minutes Klaus followed him. Martin looked at him and saw that the small boy was already naked. He couldn’t avert his eyes from the beauty before him. Now he saw the sweet little 2″dick of the boy for the first time. This boy was simply perfect! “Is the bath ready?” Klaus asked, taking him back to earth. Martin blushed and looked up into the smiling face of the little rascal. Did he notice the stare? “Yeah! I think so!” he said. He lifted the  featherweight into the tub and started to leave the room. Sooner or later the little tyke would notice the hard-on he got from looking at him. “Would you help me rub my back?” he heard Klaus from behind. He tried to regain his selfcontrol and answered: “Sure, buddy!” he got back to the tub and began to lather the back of the boy. Klaus looked at him, smiling warmly. “That feels nice!” he cooed. Klaus kneeled in the tub so that Martin could reach his whole back with his hands.
Martin now reached the tight butt of the boy. He lost it somehow! Like in a dream his hands began to caress the soft  globes. “Do you like my body?” Klaus suddenly said, snapping him back to reality. “I…I…!” he stammered.He looked into Klaus’ eyes and saw the full contentment in them. “Yeah, buddy! You look real nice!” he muttered. “Thank you!” Klaus said, blushing sweetly. Martin began to wash the foam from the little body and lifted him out of the tub to dry him.

“Come on! Time for your bed, little buddy!” he said, carried him into the bedroom and tugged him into a blanket. “Where are your pj’s?” Martin asked the tyke. “I normally sleep in underwear! Can I sleep naked today? The blanket feels nice this way!” Klaus whispered smiling. “If you want buddy!” Martin gave in. He began to undress up to his boxers and sat down on the bed. Then he removed his prosthesis and got under the second blanket. He switched out the light with a remote he had on his bedside-table. Minutes passed in silence. Then suddenly Klaus whispered: “Martin? Can I touch your scar?” “Why do you want this?” Martin asked back. “I want to know how it feels!” the tyke answered. “Ok, ok! But not for long! You need your sleep!” Martin said. Klaus threw his blanket back and then lifted Martin’s. He softly began to stroke the  scar-tissue on Martin’s leg. “Does this hurt?” Klaus asked timidly. “No! It feels real nice!” Martin croaked. His cock hardened. “Oh yeah! I can see that you like it!” Klaus said giggling and grabbed the hard-on. “Oh,oh little buddy! This isn’t my scar!” Martin said. Klaus began to stroke up and down on it in his boxers. Martin looked down and saw the naked little beauty kneeling on his bed and sporting a nice 4″ boner. “Klaus…! I don’t know if this is right!” Martin whispered, while he
felt his resistence weaken from second to second. “Please, Martin! I wanted to do this to you since I know you! I really love you!” Klaus replied determined. The look in his eyes showed it clearly! This boy knew exactly, what he just said. Martin sat up and hugged the little tyke to his chest. “Oh, Klaus! If this comes out somehow, I would be sent to jail! I’m adult and you are so young!” Martin muttered. “I won’t tell anyone! I can’t help it! You are in all my dreams! I want to stay with you!” Klaus replied. Martin gave him a kiss on his forehead and whispered: “I love you too, darling!”

They sat their together for a while in their passionate embrace. Then Klaus whispered again: “Would you show me how to be sexy together?” “You aren’t losing much time, are you?” Martin replied smiling. Klaus now grinned broadly. “I’m young and have to learn much!” he said. Martin lifted his chin and kissed him softly. Klaus pressed himself against his chest, moaning softly. Martin now laid him on his back and to kiss and lick down his silken body. Klaus’ moaning got louder, until he suddenly felt Martin’s soft lips engulfing his pecker. “Ooooh!” he cooed. Martin now sucked him in earnest and soon the little tyke went through his first dry orgasm. Martin looked down at the squirming and sweating boy and saw the total bliss in his eyes. It took the little one a few moments to come down again. “That felt so good!” he muttered. Martin smiled to him. “Do you have fun little buddy?” he asked. “That was awesome!” Klaus cooed. Then he suddenly sat up and said: “I want to try it too!” “Klaus! If this happens to me, it will be a little different!” Martin tried to explain. “Yeah I know! Your stuff will shoot out! My class-mates talk about this all the time! It’s cool!” Klaus said in boyish excitement. “Ok, be my guest!” Martin replied. Klaus giggled and said: “I am your guest already!” He removed the boxers, leaned down and took
the glans of Martin’s 8″ cock in his mouth. He began to suck on it like on an icecream-cone. Martin gave him some  directions how to do it and soon the big cock slided in and out of his mouth. Klaus was determined to pleasure his lover perfectly and although he had to gag a few times, he managed to get the dick down his throat. Martin moaned pleasured and fell on his back. Klaus went with him, never stopping his first blowjob. Suddenly he felt Martin’s cock swell even more and it began to throb in his mouth. Then he felt the sperm of Martin shoot down his throat. He let the cock slide out a
little to get a little of it in his mouth to taste. As the flow ended he came up and they began to kiss each other passionately.

Klaus smiled at him proudly. “How was it?” he asked. “Awesome!” Martin muttered. Klaus still had some sperm on his chin and Martin kissed it away. “There is something else, my class-mates spoke about: It’s called fucking!” Klaus said suddenly. “So, you want to fuck me?” Martin asked him. Klaus stared at him in disbelief! “No…,I…?You…? I… thought you would
me…! I mean…would you let me?” Klaus stammered. Martin gave him a tender kiss on his nose. “Sure my little darling! Love is no one-way-trip. I only do to you, what you do to me!” Then he kissed him again. He opened his bedside-drawer and retrieved the vaseline he needed for his stump. Then he laid on his back and lifted his legs. He now began to lube up first his pucker and then the sweet little pecker of the boy.Then he gave him instruction and soon Klaus’ cockhead pressed through his sphincter. The little guy was really excited and soon began to fuck him like a rabbit. He quickly went through his second dry cum, squealing in blissfull joy. Then he collapsed down onto Martin’s chest.

Martin whispered into Klaus’ ear, what a great lover he was and was rewarded with a proud smile. “Please, do me now!” Klaus said dreamily. “Are you sure? It might hurt you the first time!” Martin replied. “It’s ok Martin! We can use this slicky stuff. Your butt felt real squishy with it. And if it hurts the first time it will do so, no matter if we try it today or another day. So, why not now?” Klaus muttered determined. This boy was just amazing! His eyes shone with total trust and contentment. He couldn’t resist him. He positioned him on his side and lifted his right leg up in the air. Then he began to lube up the virgin-pucker, that now lay before him unobstructed. Slowly he pushed his middlefinger into the tight crevice. He heard Klaus moaning pleasured and the little boy shivered all over. “Does this feel good?” Martin asked him, as he lubed up the inside of the sweet boypussy. “It feels fantastic! Go on, please!” Klaus cooed. Martin now inserted a second finger to loosen him up and still the sweet tyke seamt to enjoy it very much. His little lover seamt to be ready to take him.

He positioned himself behind him and pressed his glans against the pucker of the boy. Slowly the tight hole stretched and suddenly his cockhead plopped in. Klaus groaned and paused a little, so that his little lover had time to get used to the big intruder. “My brave little warrior! You are doing great! That was the hardest part!” Martin whispered into Klaus’ ear. Klaus smiled back at him weakly, but still very trusting. Martin now began to slide into the tight chute, going deeper and deeper until he had his whole shaft in the little body. “That’s it, darling! You took it all! I’m proud of you!” he said and kissed Klaus’ neck passionately. Klaus looked back at him again and puckered his lips. Martin got the message and they began to kiss again, while he started to slide his cock in and out of the boypussy. Klaus now began to moan again, showing clearly that he enjoyed the big cock now. Martin now quickened his pace and soon he felt the tremors of his oncoming orgasm. As he squirted into the hot chute, he felt Klaus shuddering again, in his third dry orgasm of the day. They were really exhausted now and in no time they fell asleep together, while Martin’s cock was still embedded into Klaus’ butt.

They awoke the next morning and as Klaus noticed that Martin’s cock was hard again, he began to hump back at him. Soon he received his second load of sperm in his butt. After that they stood up and took a shower. As they sat in the kitchen, Klaus began to get fidgety. “What’s the matter, darling? Got fleas?” Martin asked him. Klaus laughed and then said: “No, I don’t have fleas! Wait! I have to show you something!” He stood up and ran up to the bedroom. A few minutes later he came back again and gave him a letter. “It’s from my mom!” he said. Martin began to read it: <Dear Martin! I don’t know
you very well, but I hope we will see each other more often in the future. After my man left us, Klaus became my sole purpose for life! Because you read this letter you surely know that nobody could resist my little rascal! As we drove home from the hospital, he announced to me that he fell in love with you. At first I was shocked and wanted to call the police, but he assured me you never made an advance to him. He said that he had the feeling that you feel the same way. To be sure he made up this little plan, with my trip. Don’t be angry with him! He just wanted to see, if you are in love too! I would do anything to make my son happy, so I decided to play along with it! I’m sure you would never do anything to hurt him, so I just hope you love him as much as he deserves it! Take good care of my baby! Jessika> Martin looked at Klaus and saw the guilty expression in his face. The little one was blushing sweetly and Martin had to laugh. “You aren’t angry, are you?” Klaus asked coily. Martin leaned over to him and kissed him passionately. “How could anyone get angry with you?” Martin asked him back. They embraced each other and then made plans for the days to come.

Their relationship grew deeper and deeper. On the outside Martin was just the new friend of his mother, who always  covered up for them. When they were alone they showed each other the love and understanding they had in their hearts.

The End

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