DOOM Children ឧក្រិដ្ឋជននៅទ្វីបអឺរ៉ុប (តំបន់និយាយភាសារុស្សី)


សូមមើលករណីខាងក្រោម (មើលពីក្រោមឡើងមកលើ)
31/07/2008 In the Urals, a rapist, pedophile shot his victim at the camera
31/07/2008 Tyumenets to stand trial for abuse of 6 year old niece
31.07/2008 Vyacheslav Shevelev. Pervouralsky pedophile accused of five crimes
07/30/2008 Konstantin Terekhov. Brother three years raped underage sister
07/30/2008 in Yekaterinburg Hostel pedophile raped a 13-year-old girl
07/30/2008 Alexander Zhukov. In the Lower maniac pedophile trial
07/30/2008 in Naberezhnye Chelny, a new pedophile
07/29/2008 Pedophile-profligate of the Nodes
29/07/2008 In Saratov region arrested a pedophile, repeat offender
07/29/2008 12-year-old girl rebuffed pedophile
07/29/2008 In St. Petersburg, showed up pedophile who claims to be a doctor
07/28/2008 Two teenagers raped 8-year-old boy
07/28/2008 Alex Badygov. The investigation into the “case Postman” extended for a month
7/28/2008 Perm pedophile will be tried for the rape of two girls
07/28/2008 Two men stand trial for the murder of two girls
07/28/2008 In the Bryansk region arrested a pedophile, raped boys
07/28/2008 pedophile arrested in Sakhalin
25/07/2008 Dmitry Gladyshev. In Perm, a 12-year prison sentenced young rapist pedophile
25/07/2008 In the Irkutsk region pedophile confessed to the murder of 4-year-old girl
07/24/2008 Syktyvkar pedophile arrested in kindergarten
07/24/2008 Stanislav Madyarov. In Udmurtia, convicted pedophile maniac
23.07.2008 The Krasnodar citizen of Uzbekistan was almost raped by a twelve year old girl
07/23/2008 Vladimir Zhukov. Pedophile killed at home
22/07/2008 The Amur former prisoner had raped a five-year girl
22/07/2008 The Kopeisk maniac pedophile arrested
22.07.2008 The Voronezh trader of child pornography appeared in court
22.07.2008 Sergey Paramonov. In Tatarstan, the trial of her stepfather-rapist
22.07.2008 The forest village Reftinsky raped ninth-graders
22/07/2008 pedophile from Marx is accused of murder
22/07/2008 60-year kaliningradets abused a six-year girl
21/07/2008 Valleys. In the Chelyabinsk region found a killer 13-year old schoolgirl
21/07/2008 in Kireevsk convicted pedophile
19/07/2008 drunken old man raped a four year girl
19/07/2008 in Nakhodka raped 11-year-old girl
18/07/2008 in Astrakhan stepfather killed and raped concubine stepdaughters
18/07/2008 Five-Year baby drink vodka and raped

07/17/2008 A resident of the Urals village invited the girl to weed beds and raped her
16/07/2008 Nizhny Novgorod resident arrested on suspicion of raping a 12-year-old girl
16/07/2008 The five-year boy saved his sister from a pedophile
16/07/2008 in Georgievsk 17-year-old boy for rape given 3.5 years prison
15/07/2008 12-year-old boy was beaten and raped in the woods
14/07/2008 Uzbek migrant workers raped a girl in Petrodvorets
14/07/2008 Talitskii teenagers raped a 9-year-old boy
14/07/2008 Vladimir Denisov. Pedophile imprisoned forever
07/12/2008 in Orenburg arrested pedophile attacked by two boys
07/10/2008 in Udmurtia convicted seller of child porn
07/10/2008 In the Tyumen region company teenagers raped and murdered 14-year-old schoolgirl
07/10/2008 Sent to the court case of the Nizhny Novgorod pedophile kidnaps children for 8 years
10.07.2008 Andrey Nikolaev. Pedophile made a full confession and repent
09/07/2008 Astrahanets, raped a 13-year-old stepdaughter, would sit down to 9 years
09/07/2008 In the Middle Urals arrested a man who tried to rape a 9-year-old girl
In Chelyabinsk, 09.07.2008 male rapist scored his 7-year old niece
09.07.2008 Andrey Kostin. Sentenced a former caregiver’s home Novokuznetsk
09/07/2008 pedophile arrested, dog awards, and school is still wide open
08.07.2008 Vadim Husniyarov. A resident of Chelyabinsk, convicted for the rape of a pregnant woman and a 12-year-old girl
08/07/2008 From family ties – to the sexual
08/07/2008 St. Petersburg pedophile caught
08/07/2008 abused 6-year-old girl pedophile sentenced to 10 years penal colony
05.07.2008 Kaliningrad arrested a suspect in the corruption of children
07/04/2008 Drummers. The villain has promised to treat a cigarette and two boys raped
07/04/2008 Omsk coach corrupting his pupils
07/04/2008 Big Brother abused 11-year old sister
07/03/2008 Polad Aslanov. In Astrakhan, guest worker rapist imprisoned for ten years
07/02/2008 Renat Zeynulov. To rape a girl, a man came down the rope from the roof
02.07.2008 Andrey Bodrov. In Moshkovo the trial for the murder of five Sony Belokopytova
07/02/2008 Rostovite be tried for the rape of a 10-year-old girl
07/02/2008 In the Sverdlovsk region detained a 16-year-old boy suspected of raping a child
07/02/2008 Oleg Novakovsky. Pedophile expelled from school for 3 years
07/01/2008 In the Voronezh region sentenced 18-year-old rapist
30/06/2008 Russia has detained a Moldovan who is suspected of rape
30/06/2008 Novocheboksarsk sentenced 38-year-old pedophile
27/06/2008 Rafael Davletshin. Pedophile faces 15 years
27/06/2008 18-year-old pedophile admitted 21 cases of violence against boys
27/06/2008 Vahid Karimov. In Gryazi convicted pedophile
26.06.2008 Alexei Bogdanov. A trial over the singer from Engels
06/26/2008 pedophile abused 8-year-old girl in the forest
25.06.2008 Saratov Victory Park abused a child
06/25/2008 Another pedophile arrested in Leningrad region
25.06.2008 Sergey Ermakov. Pedophile prosecutor in skins
25.06.2008 Udmurtia detained another lover of children’s bodies
25.06.2008 Volgograd police covered up a hotbed of child porn on the internet
06/25/2008 Schoolboy raped a 4-year-old boy
24/06/2008 Graduate brutally murdered after a ball
24/06/2008 In Udmurtia, justice is done in 16 years
24/06/2008 Sergei Melnikov. The head of the tourist circle after serving 9 years for corruption of minors
24/06/2008 Killer 12-year-old girl into custody
24/06/2008 Tyndintsa accused of pedophilia
06/23/2008 A resident of Kuban is suspected of sexual violence against 12-year-old daughter
23.06.2008 Andrey Kostin. Caregiver accused of abusing children’s home 7 boys
06/23/2008 Pedophile attacked the girl in the elevator
06/23/2008 in Magnitogorsk have completed the investigation in a criminal case against the rapist of young girls
06/23/2008 In the Altai Territory convicted pedophile to compulsory treatment
06/23/2008 Pedophile killer sentenced to 22 years imprisonment
06/23/2008 In the southern Urals have condemned another pedophile
06/21/2008 Police uncovered the brutal murder of a 9-year-old girl in Komsomolsk-on-Amur
20/06/2008 In the Magadan region pedophile raped a 3-year-old girl
20/06/2008 In Voronezh, a one-year prison sentence a pedophile
19/06/2008 in Voronezh pedophile sentenced to 6.5 years in prison
19/06/2008 in Samara arrested pedophile stepfather
17.06.2008 at Kursk former prisoner raped schoolgirl
06/17/2008 Pedophile caught the girl near the library
06/17/2008 in Krymsk pedophile arrested
06/16/2008 Simon Maximov. Residents cleared Pervouralsk pedophile
06/16/2008 rapist pedophile arrested in Primorye
11.06.2008 To the east of the capital pedophile caught
11/06/2008 In the Lipetsk region pedophile put on trial
6/10/2008 in Penza stepfather just got raped by a foster daughter
06/10/2008 psychologist pedophile sentenced to 17 years
06/10/2008 In the Nizhny Novgorod region to the court case against pedophile killer
06/07/2008 in Khakassia Pedophile found hanged in his apartment
06/07/2008 Maksimenko. In the Chelyabinsk region will be judged a pedophile
06/07/2008 in Buryatia convicted pedophile
06/06/2008 Eugene Kryzhanovsky. In Kostroma pedophile sentenced to 10 years for corruption six girls
05/06/2008 Pedophile removed evidence of his crime
05.06.2008 Alexei Rogov. Pedophile-killer “calculated” by fingerprints
04/06/2008 In the southern Urals will be judged a pedophile
04/06/2008 College student was raped and brutally beat a 15-year-old girl
03.06.2008 Tatarstan resident suspected in the rape of his 17-year-old daughter
03/06/2008 in Leningrad arrested pedophile stepfather
03/06/2008 A man undressing in front of girls returning from school
03/06/2008 pedophile arrested in Kazan
03/06/2008 Vladimir Maslennikov. Fizruka Moscow School sixth-grader suspected of rape
03/06/2008 Kobil Salimov. A resident of Chelyabinsk, convicted of the rape of his young daughter mistress
06/02/2008 in Nizhny Novgorod arrested pedophile
06/02/2008 Dmitry Ryabikin. In Samara will be judged a pedophile serial killer
06/02/2008 Sergei Navrazhnyh. Lipetsk pedophile to stand trial
06/02/2008 Abusers active in the Frunze district and the area of ​​St. Petersburg
06/02/2008 pedophile abused 8-year-old girl at the school
01/06/2008 Hurray, Hurray! CHILDREN’S DAY!
30/05/2008 in Yaroslavl pyatiklassnitsu almost raped in their own entrance
30/05/2008 Pedophile lured the victim with a VCR
30/05/2008 In St. Petersburg, three students were attacked by a rapist
30.05.2008 Gennady Barshinov. In Krasnoyarsk, convicted pedophile who raped a disabled child
30/05/2008 pedophile caught in Kamchatka
05/29/2008 Maniacs: How many of them – no one knows
05/29/2008 Sergei Kitaev, Igor Aleshkin. Sentenced for the murder of two schoolgirls in the suburbs
05/29/2008 for the rape and murder of 4-year-old girl tried her own father and uncle
05/29/2008 St. Petersburg in kindergarten arrested exhibitionist
28.05.2008 The future of teacher convicted of Barnaul distribution of child pornography on the Internet
28.05.2008 Andrey Bodrov. In Novosibirsk, held court over murder Sony Belokopytova
05/28/2008 Sergei Davidenko. Parents have announced a reward of 100,000 rubles for the capture of serial killer
28.05.2008 A teenager from the Smolensk region raped his 8-year old brother
27/05/2008 Yuzhnouralets received a suspended sentence for trafficking in child pornography over the Internet
27/05/2008 A. Taratukhin. The second conviction was a resident of the Altai Territory, rape of minors
27.05.2008 Tyumen electrician pedophile “shine” up to ten years
26/05/2008 Mikhail Gulyaev. Tyumenets sentenced to 22 years for abuse of a 10-year old boy
26/05/2008 libertine put on three years
26/05/2008 in Primorye detained a suspect in the rape and murder of little girl
26/05/2008 Vasiliy Sofronov. The good doctor was a pedophile malignant
23/05/2008 in Blagoveshchensk on the pedophile two criminal cases
22.05.2008 Vadim Tumanov. Physics teacher was sentenced to a fine of 72 thousand rubles
05/22/2008 Oleg Borisov. In Moscow grandfather caught a pedophile
05/21/2008 Alex Caplin. Chelny rapist brought to justice
05/21/2008 In Lipetsk, raped teen
05/21/2008 Victor Solovyev. Supreme Court to report a pedophile in the Altai Republic to meet without
05/21/2008 George Davitidi. Was arrested in Moscow Abkhazian Masturbator
20/05/2008 In a murder case under a mound 13 year old Sophia Khairulina appeared suspect
20/05/2008 Ilyas Keldimurzaev. In the Magadan region Lyceum student abused wards of 6-year old boy
20.05.2008 in Sverdlovsk region opened a criminal investigation into the rape of five children
20.05.2008 In Sakhalin pedophile arrested
05/19/2008 pervert forced a child to go out the window
05/19/2008 18-year-old resident of Voronezh Region is accused of raping teen
05/16/2008 Altai people beat and raped his 5-year-old son
05/16/2008 Resident Kantemirovka abused a six-year boy
16.05.2008 In Krasnoyarsk convicted pedophile father
5/15/2008 boarding raped and killed a boy
14/05/2008 Constantine Telyatnikov. In Khabarovsk, will be judged a rapist-murderer of 13-year-old girl
14/05/2008 During the seduction of his stepdaughter, a man got 12 years in prison
14/05/2008 Vladimir Baranov. Father of three years corrupting the capital of schoolgirls, guarding them near schools
14/05/2008 Meleuz In a 16-year second-form girl raped schoolboy
14/05/2008 Father of three children accused of pedophilia
05/13/2008 Two drunken Urals raped a 14-year-old girl
05/13/2008 Child raped for crying
05/13/2008 in Krasnoyarsk arrested pedophile who raped a few months of a 6-year-old girl
13.05.2008 Leonid Kardovich. Raped a 12-year-old girl to hold 16 years in prison
05/13/2008 In the Kaliningrad region arrested a 14-year-old on suspicion of pedophilia
05/13/2008 All the forces thrown at police Yuzhnouralskaya search pedophile
05/13/2008 Large “husband” the 12-year-old girl was 3 years prison
05/13/2008 In Transbaikalia the 13-year pedophile was removed from kindergarten
05/12/2008 Parents of schoolchildren have detectives Magnitogorsk
08/05/2008 in Primorye detained a suspect in the rape of a boy
08/05/2008 In the Tyumen region indicted in fact abuse young girl
08/05/2008 In the Novgorod region pedophile arrested
07.05.2008 Vitali Mezin. Pedophile from children’s home was sentenced to eight and a half years
07.05.2008 Leonid Doroshenko. In Angarsk arrested a suspect in the murder of 10-year-old girl
05/07/2008 The girl made the boy hero of his deception
05/07/2008 Valentine sides. Rapist of young girls was sentenced to 13 years
05/07/2008 released from custody a suspect in the brutal murder of five girls
05/07/2008 Students from Kupchino come up with a pedophile
06.05.2008 The Prosecutor’s Office challenged the sentence a rapist, pedophile
05/06/2008 Suspects in gang rape of a child freed in the courtroom
06.05.2008 Tatarstan have completed an investigation into a pedophile Chelny
05/06/2008 Sergei Chugunov. Child killer gets its
05/05/2008 The Court will consider the case 51-year-old pedophile
05/05/2008 Adavon Bazarov. Near Novosibirsk locals rescued the child from a pedophile
05/05/2008 Teens abused a six-year boy, had gone from liability
05/04/2008 in Voronezh pedophile got 12 years in prison
30/04/2008 in Rostov sentenced a young man raped his 10-year-old sister
29/04/2008 Vladimir Gimbatov. In Mytishchi pedophile wanted to kill schoolgirl
29/04/2008 Alexander Petrov. 84-year-old pedophile was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment
29/04/2008 Alexander Gurkin. The court sentenced the Leningrad region pedophile to 23 years imprisonment
29/04/2008 pedophile trying to molest treteklassnitse
29/04/2008 in Leningrad convicted pedophile, showing teens his genitals
28/04/2008 Sakhalin deputy prosecutor suspected of pedophilia
28/04/2008 In the Samara region are investigating a rape teen student
28/04/2008 In the Krasnoyarsk region arrested a suspect in the attempted rape 12-year-old girl
28/04/2008 Yuzhnouralsk resident was raped and killed her two-year step-son
28/04/2008 In the Stavropol region pedophile arrested
04/24/2008 Eugene Nikiforov. Nizhny Novgorod police detained a suspect in sexual assault
04/24/2008 In the Khabarovsk Territory seventh graders abused first-graders
04/24/2008 drunken bastards all day raped a defenseless girl
04/24/2008 A man raped a four-girl
04/24/2008 Alexander Dubinin. Volgograd pedophile boys drove to his residence
04/24/2008 in Togliatti arrested pedophiles, murderers
22/04/2008 in Orenburg disclosed attempted rape girls
22/04/2008 Rostov pedophile was 9 years old colony
04/21/2008 in Kurgan juvenile rapist and murderer received the maximum term
04/21/2008 Vasiliy Turovets. 49-year-old resident of Tyumen convicted of rape a 9-year-old boy
19/04/2008 in aspen investigated the attack on a minor
04/18/2008 Resident Miassa traded child pornography via the Internet
04/18/2008 Sergei Ardashkin, Alex Mironenko, Vladimir Matveyev, Vyacheslav Tyulyakov. In Mordovia convicted perpetrators of gang-raping schoolgirl
04/18/2008 in Smolensk raped a 13-year-old
04/18/2008 Mikhail Firsov. Policeman-pedophile sit for 5 years
04/18/2008 in Omsk arrested 41-year old pedophile
04/18/2008 Nicholas Mozglyakov. Maniac from Chrysostom charged with the murder of girls
04/17/2008 Town alcoholic employee was raped girl
4/17/2008 Director of Krasnoyarsk in children’s television station was accused of raping a minor
04/17/2008 in Barnaul 14-year-old convicted pedophile
17.04.2008 at Taimyr pedophile arrested
04/17/2008 Kamensk-Ural detained adolescent child molesters
17.04.2008 Salavat Suleymanov. Arrested a suspect in the rapes of six
04/17/2008 in Kovrov pedophile attacked child
04/17/2008 Sergei Dubatov. Rostov pedophile given 12 years
04/17/2008 Sergei Kovpak. In Serpukhov pedophile arrested a suspect in the rape of children
04/17/2008 66-year-old pedophile corrupting his 7-year old grandson
16/04/2008 in Orenburg sentenced 16-year-old pedophile
16/04/2008 in Divnogorsk wanted pedophile
14.04.2008 In Yakutia, the man raped 4 years of their daughters
12/04/2008 in Kabardino-Balkaria pedophile arrested
12/04/2008 Nicholas Mozglyakov. In Zlatoust, caught a pedophile killer
04/10/2008 Mansour Badrutdinov. From pedophiles can not be saved even in kindergarten
04/10/2008 Vladimir Zverev. In Yaroslavl, a pedophile entered the apartment with the child
04/10/2008 in Karelia arrested another pedophile
04/10/2008 Khabarovsk police detained two suspected pedophiles
04/09/2008 In the Amur region detained another pedophile
04/09/2008 in Zelenograd, beaten and raped a 14-year-old schoolgirl
04/08/2008 in Rostov judge a man who for two years raped underage girls
04/08/2008 in Primorye father arrested pedophile
07/04/2008 strayed from second-form girl pedophile
07.04.2008 Alexei Bogdanov. In yet another pedophile arrested Engels
04.04.2008 A teenager sits down at the rape of a child
04/04/2008 Rafael Kalmuhametov. Three Tyumentsev raped boy
04/04/2008 Andrew Ogo. Cell phone saved a child from abuse
04/04/2008 pedophile abused a first-grader when his parents were sleeping
04.04.2008 Kaliningrad pedophile surrendered to justice four years later
04/04/2008 Statement of editorial of the website Pedofily.Ru
03/04/2008 in Nalchik sentenced three teenagers for the rape of a minor
03/04/2008 alleged assassin sent to sketch the two girls in Zlatoust
02/04/2008 Alex Moschivitin. In Pushkino arrested 52-year old pedophile
02/04/2008 Sergei Chugunov. In Samara, judge the driver, was brutally murdered Tajik girl
02/04/2008 In the Chelyabinsk region brutally murdered two schoolgirls
01/04/2008 Sergei Lebedev. In Novgorod, a pedophile trial
01/04/2008 Sergei apple. In Tver pedophile maniac awaits verdict
01/04/2008 Astrakhan police rescued the boy from a pedophile
03/31/2008 In the Volgograd region caught another pedophile
03/30/2008 Stepan Andreev. Pedophile, nicknamed “Alyona” arrested for committing violence against an 8-year old boy
03/28/2008 Resident Chita put away in jail for five and a half years
03/28/2008 suspect in the rape schoolgirl accused
03/28/2008 Faiz Sultanov. Chelyabinsk pedophile pulled three baby from his mother on the street
03/28/2008 in Engels arrested pedophile rapist-
27/03/2008 Three teenagers raped a 12-year-old boy
27/03/2008 pedophile was sentenced to five years for abuse of a schoolgirl
27/03/2008 pedophile from Chuvashia worked in the police department of juvenile
27/03/2008 Pedophile hankering for his own daughter
27/03/2008 In the Sverdlovsk region of Irkutsk pervert attacks on children
26.03.2008 Over the past four years, father raped his daughter-schoolgirl
03/26/2008 Glushchenko, Lebedev defense appealed against the sentence murderer and rapist schoolgirls
26.03.2008 Karelian pedophile confessed to the murder seven people committed 5 years ago
03/26/2008 Rapist to stand trial
25/03/2008 Vladimir Naumov. Polina Malkova killer searched all over Russia, and he lived in the house next door
3/22/2008 Parents have entrusted their children to do pedophile
03/21/2008 In the Leninsky district of Yaroslavl convicted pedophile
03/21/2008 In the Middle Urals are looking for victims of pedophile
22/03/2008 Stepan Kuznetsov. Pedophile goes to mental hospital
03/21/2008 Proposed “antipedofilskie” amendments to the Criminal Code are puzzling
03/20/2008 Dmytro Voronenko. Petersburg maniac pedophile sentenced to life imprisonment
03/20/2008 Oleg Semashko. Son of the Nizhny Novgorod deputy arrested for raping 11-year-old girl
20.03.2008 Vadim Liutov. In Ufa pedophile sentenced to 17 years in prison
03/20/2008 In Lipetsk criminal case against 25-year pedophile
19.03.2008 Vladislav Shelepov. Pervouralsky maniac-pedophile was a local teenager
03/18/2008 Sergei Vinko. Pornographer in the network was sentenced to 3.6 years prison
03/18/2008 Vasiliy Perminov, Andrey Zyryanov. Murderers in White boys Kholunitsa sentenced
03/18/2008 Victor Filin. 10 years for a pimp, a pedophile
03/18/2008 Boksitogorsky pedophile killer brought to justice
18.03.2008 convicted rapist Chelyabinsk Region 7-year-old girl
03/16/2008 St. Petersburg psychopath raped a 2-year-old girl
14.03.2008 Andrey Tarasov. “The Kremlin Pedophile” was sentenced to 15 years in prison
14/03/2008 Fred Schultz. Employees CID arrested the pedophile-recidivist
14/03/2008 In the Amur region two teenagers raped a 9-year-old schoolgirl
14/03/2008 Alexander Trofimov. Businessman was a pedophile for 13 years
13/03/2008 Andrew Filchagov. For attempting to rape a schoolgirl resident of Chuvashia was 10 years old
13/03/2008 pedophile arrested in Angarsk-recidivist
13/03/2008 Yakutsk resident convicted of rape girl
12/03/2008 In the Kemerovo region arrested a suspect in the murder of 14-year-old girl
12/03/2008 Case pedophile teacher to court
11.03.2008 In Krasnodar is checked on the fact of rape teenager
11/03/2008 19-year-old student rescued a child from a pedophile
07/03/2008 in Petrozavodsk convicted pedophile photographer
07.03.2008 Gennady Nikitin, Denis Abalmasov. Altai homeless pedophile “tied” in the center of Novosibirsk
07.03.2008 Artem Popov. In Arkhangelsk, the jury condemned the perpetrator is 20 years young
03/06/2008 in Udmurtia arrested a young man raped a five year girl
05/03/2008 14-year-old girl over two years endured abuse three rapists
05/03/2008 Ekaterinburg guard pedophile tried to rape a schoolgirl
05/03/2008 Abaidullin Jalil. Tobolsk teacher-child molester isolated from society for 5 years
05.03.2008 Andrey Ushakov. CID staff brought Aushko “for the ear but in the sun”
04/03/2008 In the Chelyabinsk region punished rapist pedophile
04.03.2008 Gennady Nikitin, Denis Abalmasov. In Barnaul, pedophiles are raped and set fire to two boys
03/03/2008 in Bryansk train caught pedophile
03/03/2008 in Krasnoyarsk Territory, a database of DNA pedophiles
02/29/2008 In the Altai Territory teenager raped young boy and girl
02/29/2008 Alexander Larin. In St. Petersburg convicted pedophile-judo
02/29/2008 Valentine sides. Rapist of young girls was sentenced to 15 years in prison
02/29/2008 Edwards Osmolovskis. St. Petersburg police arrested a pedophile, a Latvian, the international wanted list
29.02.2008 In the case of a pedophile Izhevsk new facts
28/02/2008 Vsevolod Porotnikov. Pedophile who killed a girl in the Leningrad region, charged
28/02/2008 Three pedophile arrested in St. Petersburg and the region for days
02/26/2008 Rail Shamuhametov. In Tyumen, electrician pedophile arrested
25/02/2008 Vsevolod Porotnikov. Found a killer 10-year-old girl from Pikalevo
22/02/2008 pedophile in police uniform attacked a teenager
21/02/2008 Pedophile-roommate raped a 7-year-old daughter owners
21/02/2008 in Krasnoyarsk Territory initiated 143 criminal cases against pedophiles
21.02.2008 Murmansk court is not released to freedom of 54-year-old suspected of pedophilia
20/02/2008 rapist arrested in Tyumen 9-year-old schoolboy
02/19/2008 Denis Shevchenko. Rostovite grown, but does not have the habit of sodomy and pedophilia
19.02.2008 Kemerovo region caught a pedophile
16/02/2008 in Krasnogorsk pedophile calculated by pornosemke
15/02/2008 Victor Okunev. Annunciation pedophile imprisoned for 4 years
15/02/2008 Vladimir Smirnov. Father-daughter of the rapist and murderer was sent to the bunks for 12 years
14.02.2008 Alexei Alexeev. In St. Petersburg, arrested 35-year-old pedophile
02/14/2008 Photographer pedophile from Blagoveshchensk leave the colony
02/14/2008 Vladimir Zhukov. Nizhny Novgorod pedophile killer charged
13/02/2008 found the body of a missing girl in Pikalevo
12/02/2008 Sergei Goryunkov. Searching for missing children in Tosno, the police arrested the pedophile-recidivist
12/02/2008 In the Amur man raped a girl
12/02/2008 in Tyumen arrested a man who tried to rape young girls
12/02/2008 Stanislav M. Udmurtia delayed sexual maniac, 4 children abused
12.02.2008 On Saturday, Naberezhnye Chelny, arrested 29-year-old man suspected of corrupting the girls
11/02/2008 In the Voronezh region pedophile given ten years in prison
11/02/2008 in Khakassia will be judged a rapist 10-year-old girl
11.02.2008 Igor Sidorov. In Ufa area pedophile arrested
02/10/2008 In the North-Yenisei caught a pedophile serial killer
9/2/2008 Stepfather stepdaughter-infected pedophile severe disease
08/02/2008 In the Belgorod region sentenced the father and raped their daughters
08/02/2008 in Krasnoyarsk Territory raped and murdered 10-year-old schoolgirl
08.02.2008 Tatarstan seek rapist 9-year-old girl
07/02/2008 Ryazan region showed up pervert pedophile
06/02/2008 In the court case aimed Yakutsk rapist young girl
06/02/2008 In the Rostov region sentenced the teenager, raped a three year old girl
06.02.2008 Krasnodar teacher suspected of seducing female students
05/02/2008 Maniac pedophile in Tyumen not – certify police
05/02/2008 stepfather had raped a 13-year-old stepdaughter and was the father of her child
05/02/2008 Elderly pedophile caught in the playground
05/02/2008 Sergei Melnikov. In the Murmansk region, a pedophile teacher received 2 years probation
05/02/2008 Nizhny Novgorod prosecutor’s office is preparing to transfer to another court case pedophile rapist
05/02/2008 stepfather raped her stepson with a hose
02/04/2008 Treteklassnitsu attempted rape at the school
02/04/2008 Sergei Syroezhin. Rybinsk maniac gave ’21
02/04/2008 Alex Badygov. Alexis Badygovu charged
02/04/2008 In Bashkortostan, a pedophile imprisoned for 4.5 years
02/04/2008 For three years a resident of Vladivostok distorted over underage girl
02/01/2008 Arrested teenager raped a two-year sister
02/01/2008 A resident of Kirov has turned his garage into a camera for sexual pleasures
31/01/2008 Alex Badygov. Continuing the investigation into the “postman” Alexei Badygova
31/01/2008 Anatoly Semenov. In Omsk, sentenced 48-year-old pedophile
30/01/2008 The Court has sentenced a pedophile Leningrad to nine years in prison
30/01/2008 kills pedophile from St. Petersburg may be justified
30/01/2008 Krasnoyarsk maniac screened for involvement in other sexual offenses
30/01/2008 Mikhail Firsov. The boy was six months nalozhnikom policeman
30/01/2008 pedophile from Ust-Kut found by identikit
01/29/2008 Alexander iron. A resident of Kazan, convicted of killing a woman and rape of a child
01/29/2008 in Krasnoyarsk caught a pedophile serial killer
01/28/2008 Alex Badygov. St. Petersburg police announced the detention of a pedophile serial killer, who was nicknamed “The Postman”
01/28/2008 suspect in the rape schoolgirl accused
01/28/2008 pedophile caught in Tyumen
01/27/2008 Father of eight children killed by a pedophile
01/26/2008 in Krasnoyarsk announced a new maniac
01/25/2008 Sergei Kotov. Verdict Omsk pedophile murderer came into force
01/24/2008 In the southern Urals raped a 14-year-old girl who went to serve in the church
01/24/2008 Mikhail Markelov. The man invited his friend home to rape his own daughter
24.01.2008 Vyacheslav Mikhailov. Police searching for rapist of Vladivostok
01/24/2008 pedophiles knock off time. The reason for concessions: a good lawyer
23.01.2008 convicted serial pedophile Blagoveshchensk
01/22/2008 Sergei Politov. Rapist-killer to stand trial
01/22/2008 lured into the woods 15-year-old girl tyumenets the fifth time, will stand trial
21/01/2008 Vladimir Tolstoy. Former Director of School Eletski accused of sexual abuse of children
20.01.2008 in St. Petersburg was detained dangerous exhibitionist
01/18/2008 Ardon resident accused of raping and killing girls
01/18/2008 Piterskaya-grader was the victim of Priests
18.01.2008 In Petersburg detained lecher
01/17/2008 Another victim of the rapist, “Postman” became a 10-year-old boy
16.01.2008 Gavrilov-Yam Yaroslavl region pedophile arrested
16/01/2008 Deputy Director of the Metropolitan School suspected of molesting girls
01/11/2008 In the Novosibirsk region arrested the second suspect in the rape and murder of five girls
10/01/2008 Nizhny Novgorod prosecutor’s office referred the case to the court of another pedophile
08/01/2008 Christmas vacation in St. Petersburg: child molesters out on the hunt
03/01/2008 New Year’s address to the visitors from the editorial of the website

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