The secret of growing boys

[This for BOY only]

[The secret of growing boys]

Before the words “boy is really not the same ahh”

Chapter 1 dream boy
What are you looking?
If you are going to be a boy’s parents, you need to make this experience the fascinating journey of preparation. When he was in Disneyland roller coaster scared half to death, when he was in the race to winner, you may be sons of the happiness and sorrow – to experience those things you have never experienced.
boy has Long-standing dream
In the end is a boy or a girl?
Dream: the hopes and fears about our
You remember the boy
How to raise a boy of your dreams?
Now imagine yourself: the boy’s parents.

Chapter 2 first experience of love
Your baby: from birth to 18 months
All infants, including your son, born to love her mother. At this point your baby will love grabbed hold, attached to you, crying, sucking, smiling, to follow you. Beginning through the eyes, then turned around and started again and then with his feet.
He is your most loyal fans. You need to do is follow his sweetie passion,  then you will fall in love with him.
Love your son
Attachment: • John Bowlby and a “surprisingly indifferent to the feelings of the” boy
You are all sons
Wake-up call: his son Evan, and her mother Alice
Your face is a mirror of his son
Secure attachment: “My mom and dad with me together?”
15 months of secure attachment
Boy and attachment
Boy What’s the difference: great individual differences in the development process and slower
Three important differences in brain mechanisms
Boys see the world in different ways
Boys as girls hearing
Boys like girls can not learn the language as quickly or effectively use language
Parents of boys and girls perceived differences

Chapter 3 out of arms
Toddler surprise: from 18 months to 3 years
Her son from a lovely, sweet baby into a self-willed 2-year-old children, for any parents, this is one of the most difficult transition. For the boy’s mother, seeing his son began to disobey, willful, and even hit anyone of the situation, sometimes deeply shocked, and even confusion.
Taylor: willful and persistent
Boy’s response to the vitality and self-identity needs
Rusty: energy show
Attachment: Act II
Darryl: a passive boy
Bunny, wear plush and teddy bears
Language: different schedules, experience the same frustration
Autism and speech disorders
The language of the War boy: nothing to say!
Let the boy become an independent self-

Chapter 4 return to the wild: a strong little boy
From 3 to 4 years
4-year-old boys like to be praised, likes to show off, like to boast, “I jump up,” or “I will count.” He is full of curiosity, but also a bit self-expansion.
He also believes he can follow his own wishes and ideas to create the world. He lives in a magical world. Where dinosaurs live, place ridiculous story, fantasy partners, as well as big daydream.
Derek: is violence or the test?
Boy of energy: parents fear, hurt yourself
Boy’s activities, games and a real attack attacks
Groups of boys: to find their place
Sexual orientation of social games
Martin and Frank: football, wrestling and biting
An extraordinary, vibrant, full of magic age
Taming the dragon in daily life: about bed-wetting, nightmares, eating and masturbation thumb
Taste together those warm and noisy time
Dad: Or on the sidelines in
Father, to play it, Come on, Come on!
Sympathize with the fear
He does not have to deliberately temper

Chapter 5   Ready preparation?  go to school
From 5 to 7 years old
For him, the most difficult thing now is how to control his body’s energy. Because of these energy, he provoked a lot of trouble in school. He must learn how to deal with these problems. Sitting quietly, writing, painting, the school now requires them. However, he still kept active, jumping, roll child.
Development and the environment fit or conflict
When the boy can go to school ready?
Pre-school has changed, but the boys are not changed
Changes in pre-school boys who do they affect
Giff and Ian: challenging changes
Development of self-regulation: self-control and learn to collaborate
A mother’s nightmare: to make hasty judgments, diagnosis, treatment, and unnecessary
Pre-school boy in the exclusive society, contradictions, status and hierarchy
Boy’s story, boy talk: cruel, wonderful and interesting
Reading Curriculum: difficulties in the development of boys
Second grade boy’s challenges?
Escape from the “boy’s cage.”
Accept the boy’s energy and wisdom: Effective classroom environment.

Start Independent Life

Thank you.
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