How do children play at a small penis [For Education] part1

How do children play at a small penis  for education

First be explained that the title of “playing small penis” refers specifically to the child’s behavior has been playing their own sexual organs for the formation of a preference, and frequent like enjoy the process, even for pleasure and a certain external indications of behavior, Generally speaking, this behavior is more in 3-6 years old children. And those who occasionally play a bit out of curiosity, the behavior of a small penis is not in this column, because they are not a “problem”, of course, this does not mean that this article refers to “play into addiction” is the need to act on Exaggeration problems on the line, see below analysis.

Reach of the eyesight of children of similar information in the practice of the title is different, and Some called  “masturbation”, and Some called the “jerk off “, “self-console the people,” and some called the “sex game”, “sex problem “and etc, but no matter what kind of call with crown, are specifically the meaning of these titles, and similar behavior of adolescents (youth) and adult content is different, because it is the child based on Based on the emergence of spontaneous curiosity of the line  and sexual behavior occurs, apply the current early education, the more popular than the “sensitive period” concept, or even can say that this is accompanied by the child’s “sensitive period” of exploratory behavior, of course, this behavior in different children who may have different levels of performance, which the family environment Affected parental education or the child’s psychological demand has some relevance.

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