Me and my schoolmates for the first time (Ep1)

I was the direction of a city to the southeast of  Shihanok Province, home, my schoolmates, he is usually kind of not playing in the kind of person, quiet, and very like to play basketball, a little thin, do not know that he find so much strength to play so good, I like him, but not any how to play with, so only occasionally pay attention to what he usually when we play together is not too much, as if he had that a few small circle. After graduating from elementary school, he went to the Shihanok high school, and I am on to another  high school. Among contact last summer, our students encounter a few, got together to eat, and drink some Coke, he sat opposite me, hair is no longer a short period of high school-inch head, but to stay long hairy beard on the lips, and then add a little flavor, we try to have each other, pressing, and drink a little, In particular, I let him drink some Juice, his face a little red, chiseled face, let me s heart. After dinner we go out to play, the middle of a student said something to go back, we separated, I drove him and other students to go home, my freshman year to get permits to open Dad’s motor out to play last year ,the amount of good, so do not worry. He look so tired on those day and a student take him home again and arrived home be considered a bit biased, to the downstairs of his house, I think he fell asleep in the back, may be hot days,  I looked at him carefully in order not to disturb him, I did not open the door, behind the from transposon middle turn, micro-clutch his shoulder, put his hand on his thigh, back and forth slightly paddled slowly touched, he did not respond, or asleep, but his profile department a little uplift, the top sports pants. Suddenly, tears down his eyes, I was scared, overwhelmed, in the end how all his body inclined, head rely on my shoulder, a slight sob, I really do not understand how in the end I heard some things of his house, but never asked him, he had a young girlfriend, what?  I do not care. I embrace his shoulder and arm with some force, the left-hand advantage of the opportunity to embrace his waist, from time to time stroking his waist, and gently said, it does not matter, it does not matter … I see he did not want a clear meaning, have continued to hand stroking hard to hold fast to him, he is taking to my arms, he did not refuse my left hand, pretended not to care to let him file the Department of his little micro-hard, is not necessarily sexual, and sometimes alcohol can also make it hard. I slowly touched a few times, squeezed his penis with my fingers across the pants, feeling or soft ingredients. I think he did not respond to protect the palm of my hand on his genitals, side-by-side grip, his hard penis slowly, not too hard, rubbing his face and my head, left hand to stimulate his genitals, I put his hand into the first time I do not know his reaction, suddenly, his hand from my waist to go through, clutch my waist, this time I was bold in one hand and holding his shoulder in one hand and hard to stimulate genitals, I pulled the strap of his athletic pants open, slowly go to my hand from his abdomen, his hair is very busy, even on the lower abdomen have I touched his hair like that feeling, breathing down no more than fast, his penis is not hard too hard, I do not know what he would like to, but at least I do it. I hand holding his penis, slowly touched. After a while, I really unable to control myself, put him down to the ground, here the sub-body leaning against the back seat, lying on his body, I use the body and his close together, this time with my lower body hard up top on his genitals, hands to hold fast to him, snapping his force, it feels really bad expression, similar to also cool. He was hard up, and hand out the nakedness of the two of us the Ministry of flat, do not know want to feel or want to block. I pull our pants down, and the rest of the underwear, our genitals drum up, oh my budha! , have been a sultry day, it began to rain, I parked the motor’s location at home which happens to be no one after, I kiss his face, outside, people certainly can not heard anything, that film is not a white paste, the father down homes with spending. When the intense friction of our lower body, he opened his eyes, staring at me, I know what to do, only I … I … squeak oh..

To be continue…….

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