Develop a plan of Sex slaves little brother (Ep1)

This is the first chapter brother

Wong Sang Yok  first became tall 166cm standard, thin and handsome and slightly Japanese’s face and his body is not well matched. 15-year-old, he attended a junior college chemical engineering, perhaps because he is a natural two-sided? The performance of law-abiding, and on subsidizing male no response to the attitude of female students, we always thought he was stiff honest lump, in fact he is not stupid, but he does not want to let everyone aware of him as turbulent as the great, only 15 years and best friend a Ding has been engaged with a boy.

On this day, he came home from school then went straight to the bathroom to take a bath because he would  go to the airport to pick their parents , his father is a very good biologist, his mother is a chemistry expert, they have been for a kind cancer new drugs to stay in Australia for four years since 15-year-old, the days of strong a person lived, nearly 100 square-meter three-story building is a big world of his own life. Bath inadvertently saw their huge, hard up a full on 17 cm, probably refers to the width of the merger, crude as a large banana like he was thinking: “this ferocious monster when to get comfort it? 🙂 ”

10 o’clock, the day a strong disappointment from the airport home, waiting for a long time have not seen a trace of the parents, “it is perhaps to take the next plane?” Only to an open house, the parents smile greeted, that they sit earlier passenger flight back, and Sang Yok missed, but not four years, will inevitably burst kind Tao short: homework! Recent! Life! Wong Sang Yok-answer Shique catch a glimpse of a cute little boy asleep on the sofa with Sang Yok astonished look to the parents, the mother a look of painful:

“Remember Uncle Huang  couple, right? And we go to Australia Uncle Huang and Aunt Huang, last month the couple died because a car accident, this is their eight-year-old son ,Xiao Xiao Huang, your father and I have been completed the formalities of adoption, from now on, he is your brother, you have to take good care of him, next month, your dad and I have to back to Australia, we intend to make a Xiao Xiao stay in Taiwan to receive education, he daily life you must take care of as soon as possible so that he recovered from the shadow of their parents died “.

Brother? I even somehow more than a brother. ” Sang Yok hearts so I thought, but looking at the Xiao Xiao cute face, and my mind to an inexplicable joy.

The next morning, Sang Yok washing the face, went straight to the Xiao Xiao’s room, just to get up a Xiao Xiao surprised at him,  Sang Yok the first to say:

Starting today I am your brother, after your daily life for me to take care of ” Xiao Xiao, I have to raise your plump! We went downstairs to eat breakfast!”

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