Children of Gay Couples Just as Annoying as Children of Straights

children with same-sex parents were found to be just as unruly, spoiled and selfish as children who grow up with a mother and father in the home.

“We thought that being raised in homes where a certain level of societal oppression colored the children’s experiences would turn them into pleasantly fearful and acquiescent little citizens.”

“But all the little Mikalahs and Connors with two Mommies or Daddies seem to take their cues more from the snappy, back-talking über-brats on television than from their parents who knew what it took to fit in within the public sphere.”

Like their counterparts from heterosexual families, children from gay families were found to run in the halls, talk out-of-turn in class, play with their iPods during tests, and manhandle school guinea pigs. Furthermore, when not insisting that their opinions on the superiority of certain primary colors be heard, they routinely mocked teachers whose outfits did not sport designer labels.

“I found one student kicking the Snapple machine in the cafeteria because he was upset that it didn’t dispense lattes like the kids get on ‘The O.C.’,” reported a frustrated teacher who declined to let us use his name. “When I got the kid to calm down he fixed me with an icy stare and said, “’Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy third period.’ Boy, was it!”

“the penchant for self-centered behavior, sloth and the single-minded pursuit of material goods in both sets of children will level the playing field in adult life, and turn the offspring of gay couples into the kind of consumers our society welcomes. Their points of reference might be slightly different, but the end result is the same. They are, contrary to what we had feared, not unique in the slightest.”

sorry i’m Lazy to Translate in Khmer.. but hope you guys can read it. 🙂

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