Ever Been Caught “Touching Yourself?” (+18)


The following content is of a frank and sometimes explicit sexual nature.   Parents may want to pre-screen this page before allowing anyone under the age of 16 to view its’ content.  The intent of this page is to reassure those kids who have been caught masturbating that they are not, by any means, the ONLY ones that have been caught… in fact, it seems to happen pretty frequently.. and to a lots of people!   It is also meant as a way of allowing young people to express their feelings about masturbation and sexual activity in a non-judgmental, positive and safe atmosphere.   Just because you read something here does not mean that it is endorsed or encouraged by the site, but we DO want to present an accurate and honest format for how today’s youth truly feels about sex.   Some adults may not like reading about the sexual sides of our children, and certainly wouldn’t approve, but we’ve been ignoring this important aspect of our children’s personality and of their growth and development for far too long.   The time is right for change.  Remember, these are the words and feelings of today’s adolescents.

Name: John

Age When It Happened: 13, – Gender: Male

Year It Happened: 1998

I was in my room Masturbating and I was about to reach climax, when my dad walks in and is all “uhm, uhhhhh” and left, I couldn’t cum after that. the next day he talked to me and bought me vibrators and porno mags and stuff like that, even a porno tape and let me watch him masturbate! Anyways it was cool, he teaches me new technics and such (we live alone together) and when I am feeling horny, i just say “hey dad I’m going to jerk in the bathroom” and he’ll say something like “okay wipe up” and is casual. I think i’m pretty lucky. Masturbation is cool, don’t be shy, talk to your parents about it.

Name: Unknown — 03/12/1999

Age When It Happened: 14, – Gender: MALE

Year It Happened: 1997

I was in my room laying on my bed. I had taken my underwear off and put my pants backon. Watching a very sexually explicit show on television, I was jerking off with my hand in my pants. My parents were home and the door to my room was open. The riskiness of it turned me on and brought me to orgasm quickly. Just as I started cumming both my parents walked by my room. I was stuck there with semen-covered hand in my pants.

Name: George — 03/12/1999

Age When It Happened: 14, – Gender: MALE

Year It Happened: 1997

Me, my sisters (16 & 13), My brother (12), My next door neighbor (13 Female) and a friend (14 male)were all masturbating at a sleep over one night around 2 in the morning.   Some people gave oral sex and and we thought that the door was locked.   The room had sperm all over the place and it smelled.   My sister and my friend began to have sex and my sister let out a loud YES! when she climaxed.   It woke up my father and he barged into the unlocked room.  We are all in counseling.

This is sad…    We’re curious, what was their reasoning for putting you all in counseling?   Did they say you were all sexually “abusing” each other?    Can you tell us what you have learned in your counseling, and what you truly believe about what you’ve learned there?   Remember, it is anonymous here, and no one will find out.  use the “I Got Caught” form or the “Speak Your Mind!” form to answer.

Also, we’re curious about whether or not you have read the latest article posted here called “MOLESTED” ?   I am afraid to say that it may ring all too familiar to you.   Keep your chin up, you head held high, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about being normal, horny kids.

Follow Up: From George –

Well I haven’t learned much and my siblings and friends say the same.   The people keep saying that masturbation should be done alone.  We don’t agree.  We all liked doing it with more people so we are still currently doing it with more people in the group about once a week.

You might want to read our comments to Julie & Greg below – the last paragraph applies to you and your friends, too.   It sounds like you all know yourselves and know what is “right” for you, even if your situation would not be “right” for everyone.

Name: Gabe — 03/12/1999

Age When It Happened: 13, – Gender: MALE

Year It Happened: 1997

I was laying in bed one night when I had the urge to masturbate.   So I took off my pants,got some soap and began “jerking off”. Then my dad came in, but he wasn’t shocked. He said it was okay and that I should do it whenever I feel like it. He sometimes masturbates with me and buys me porno magazines

I feel that people should be more open about masturbation and nudity

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