If your child offend other children what will you do?

If your child offend other children  what will you do?
Your child has been subjected to peer harassment? The situation can be corrected, because you – next to it!
The child often comes from the school or kindergarten in low spirits, tears and even scratch: peers elected him a target for acute and bad jokes. The first is your motive – to protect the breast of his baby. But whether you do it only worse?
During his humiliation?

Of course, no child deserves contempt for me – any child is unique and has its own merits. But the little man is not always easy to show the team their strengths, because peers much more likely to find his weakness.

What? This may be a bad physical training, untidy or not a fashionable view, the low academic performance, excessive fullness, and so on.

Perhaps the child is frequently ill, missing school or kindergarten, so do not be in your class or group. Some children’s complex character: they are too passive, self-doubt, or are sensitive and vulnerable. Either way, a small “rogue” kopitsya resentment in peers, loneliness, envy of other children. Unhappy child is closed in itself, begins to cheat, brag, or stealthily sneak to take revenge on offenders.

We need your support.

Sometimes, for children it is better not to intervene, but it is – not the case. First, disassemble the unpopularity of the causes of the child and tried to fix them. Maybe he does not look too modern? Going to his wardrobe and appearance. Too weak physically? Interested in him any kind of sport. Bad student? Stay repetiteur itself or brought to a specialist. Underestimate themselves? Help regain self-confidence and abilities. Emphasizing its merits at every opportunity. Do not buy on credit, admired her and Chad do not forget that a child looks at himself as your own eyes.

ABC of communication.

The next step – learning baby skills useful relationships with other people: more active, friendly, and the ability to stand up for themselves, and when necessary – to contain and give way. And remember: the more confident a child feels, the easier it is to give him these skills. Will be useful to ask the teacher or teachers to support a son or daughter may be involved in any important matter, which would increase his prestige in the eyes of others. But it can not be ruled out that in the children’s team is actually a very unhealthy situation, and then the better the child will be transferred to another school or kindergarten.

You – “producer” of his talents.

All children dream to be the best – but how to show others their own dignity? Out of fear of being rejected is not every child is able to openly claim to be a better role in the game, or other collective action. Device’s son or daughter that opportunity! Establish some common event for him and his friends: a children’s holiday, summer attacks. “Their” territory “to” an adult, to obtain favorable role and cope with it – that’s what you want your child to feel secure and expand their talents.

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