12-year-old charged with first-degree murder of brother

or 12 year old Cristian Fernandez, who allegedly punched his 2 year old half-brother so hard, the child died from the blows, that’s exactly what prosecutor Angela Corey wants to accomplish.

Mrs. Corey wants the boy to be tried as an adult, despite being only 12 years old.  Neither his age nor his troublesome past can sway the prosecutor in thinking otherwise.

What a horrible scene.  A 12 yr old killing his little 2 year old brother now faces the possibility of being put in jail with violent adult men.

The thought alone is enough to make me shiver in disgust.

Murder is the most hideous crime anyone can commit and should indeed be punished to the greatest extend of the law; no argument there.

But placing a 12 years old with a group of semi-savage individuals, most of whom are vicious killers themselves, isn’t the solution.

The punishment doesn’t serve the crime in this case.

Especially, considering that Christian Fernandez comes from a home where abuse was a daily part of his life.

Raised by a mother who is only 12 years older than Christian [she was only 12 when she gave birth to him] and being sexual abused and mistreated by a man who couldn’t care less whether Christian lived or died, the boy was left at his own resources for guidance and survival.

At only 12 years old, Christian Fernandez from Jacksonville Florida has been exposed to more hate, violence and indifference than most people experience in two life times.

That includes Fernandez witnessing his step dad committing suicide in front of him when police came to arrest him for battery and disturbance.

The mother who wasn’t home at the time Christian beat his brother, found her 2 year old unconscious.  Rather than seeking medical help, she cleaned him up and redressed him.  Only hours after the boy didn’t regain consciousness did she call for help.   By then it was too late.

The mother, who could have saved the child’s life had she acted immediately according to doctors, is being taking in for questioning and maybe charged with child endangerment.

For 12 yr old Christian who sits in a jail in Duval County accused of murder however, the prosecutor wants him trialled as an adult.

What Christian did was wrong and even if his little brother wouldn’t have died, he should be punished for what he did.  Sending him to an adult jail is not the right solution here.

Christian is a victim of his own circumstances; one he had no control over.  He needs psychiatric help and attempts should be made to rehabilitate the boy.

Only when that has proven to fail should alternatives be considered.

The mother should also be punished.  She herself was a child when she gave birth to Christian but she failed to seek professional help for her injured baby.   There is no doubt any mother, regardless of background or circumstances would act and react instantly when she finds her child unconscious.

Christian’s mother is as guilty of the death of her young child as is Christian.  Both need serious psychiatric help, much love, compassion and understanding before handing them a “death” sentence that will only make their future darker than it already is.

Only after these resources have been exhausted and medical experts testify that rehabilitation isn’t working should the court pursue other venues of punishment.

Yet even then, sending a 12-years old to an adult prison isn’t the answer.

Sadly, the prosecutor refuses to see that despite his horrific act, Christian is still only a boy, and a very troubled one at that.

At 12 years old, I believe Christian is unable to fully comprehend the implications and extend of his action.  His mother, who is now 24, is not.

Christian de Fernando left a 13-year-old boy was accused of killing his little brother intentionally. The penalty will be charged to him as the youngest person in the U.S. that is life imprisonment.

Fernando de Nice, was charged after he said he killed his brother David’s Home in San Diego two years old who died from being severely brain damaged from the attack of Fernando de Nice.

The protests around the world protest against the alleged case of Fernando de Nice 12 year old with what they have done. The protesters see that. Should take measures to punish the offender as a child. Because if he is convicted in the adult, then he will be serving a life sentence.

Investigators said. This boy. Have suffered from being severely abused and neglected throughout his life from his family. And this is what shows that he should have been remedied to the back into society again.

His case will be considered by the court again on Wednesday Before proceeding to trial. Which are struggling to find evidence in the Fernando de commutation has been left.

Source: http://www.nodeju.com/10157/12-yr-old-boy-to-be-trialled-as-adult.html


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