develop a plan of Sex slaves little brother (Ep3)

After said, he  pick up Xiao Xia little hand into the ferocious monster, holding Xiao Xiao’s hands one after his brother’s huge, hard and hot fresh touch so that little hands could not tweak the grip grip, Sang Yok crotch monster by a cute little brother hand massage is more great, he was covered in fire because of the sweet stimulus burning increasingly hot, Xiao Xiao watched brother intoxicated face a look of puzzled  and asked:

“My brother, why you here are so big, but mine so small? Moreover, you seem very comfortable in that way, why, why? Why?”

Sang Yok down the middle pick up Xiao Xiao petite body, put him in the side of the diameter of three meters large bath filled with water (Sang Yok’s house very suburbs, nearly 100 square feet in size, every kind of facilities are built very spacious ), and then sitting beside the pool, feet soaked in the pool. He said: ” Xiao Xiao come here, brother will tell you Why.”

Xiao Xiao happy sitting near Sang Yok in front of the pool, head on his brother robust thigh muscles, the little face is the face of  Sang Yok monster, Solemn face and said:

“Xiao Xiao, the first thing you must promise to brother must not tell others of this secret, even the parents are not able to say.” Curious little straight face and nodded.

Sang Yok then say: “Xiao Xiao This is the only big boy, you are a little boy, of course not! Boys to like to touch, Xiao Xiao, like brother or not?”

Like! Xiao Xiao like brother so much! ” Xiao Xiao happy to answer.

Sang Yok also said: “brother like Xiao Xiao so much too, so only Xiao Xiao’s brother can touch it  ^_^ .”

Xiao Xiao after listening to happy to to grip once again  from Sang Yok of tremendous chaos to grip pinch chaos , Sang Yok by this stimulation, but also look intoxicated expression.

Xiao Xiao saw and asked: ” brother, are you not very comfortable ah?”

Sang Yok Replied: “Yes, Just now brother’s not relatively small and soft, the boys want to cool when larger stiffen if harden after not cool , the boys Would be very difficult.”

Xiao Xiao eagerly asked: “brother, now are you happy or not ?”

Answer: “tiny little hands to let the cool, little brother, you do not want to let my brother was great more Sang yok?”

Xiao Xiao nodded his head, Sang Yok went on to say: “brother teach you hands and mouth to let his brother so cool” Sang Yok finish to grab a tiny little hands, his little hands to hold one after own monster, and then cited butterflies start rubbing, and then enjoy its side, said: “Xiao Xiao, and now his brother’s kiss with your mouth, and then a…..

Little hesitation, then behaved kissed the huge book, brother, and then, like a Popsicle-like huge, Sang yok while intoxicated-year-old brother, tender tongue technologies, but also side refers to the butterfly technique, small barely into the great brother and a small portion of mouth, but through the guidance of his brother, he quickly learned to wait on big brother in his mouth a small tongue, and then with a pair of small hand . Sang yok  issue to live entrained turbidity breathing, little one, it is hard to Sang yok felt lovely brother’s mind, he smiled and squeezed his matte finish on the cheek, thick palm of your hand down his brother’s back moved his smooth, soft little ass started to rub rub, from time to time finger gently lift up to get a little cute and smooth.

And so, after nearly 20 minutes, a little stop  the behemoth of the brother posted on their cheeks, and then said: “My brother, little hands and mouth acid, can not let my brother cool. I’m sorry. “said the bright tear will be taken from the box out, days of heavy quickly picked up the cute younger brother, let him sit on the robust thigh comfort:” Little angel, cry Yo! there are other kinds of The way to get the brother cool, older brother taught Hello? ”

Xiao Xiao one immediately Poti to laugh, happy nod to Sang Yok holding Xiao Xiao to his room, a little gently thrown into his light blue lovely small bed, small chest pale pink With the ups and downs in the chest seems crystal clear Sang yok, wet lips all of a sudden Coushang kissed, with small and immature not to feel older brother warm tongue still allow him to feel a strange pleasure, he brother said: “My brother, a little good and comfortable, a little nice, I like my brother!”

Sang yok side of the side, said: “brother like a little a little brother just good ah! So I have little good,” saying the other hand  little of another.

Xiao Xiao feel a double pleasure, and went on to say: “My brother, you are not going to teach little alternative you? Fast start!”

Sang yok face lighted up, said: “Well! Brother teach you easy way!”

Sang yok and then went to his room and brought a bottle of baby oil, pour a little painted in soft brother’s thigh medial and uniform coated layer on the huge, followed by sang yok small novel: “Xiao Xiao, older brother now use your legs instead of your hands and mouth, you understand? ”

Nodded a little nervous but hopeful Sang yok at this time was kneeling on the bed, separate small thigh, and then caught in a huge, gentle little delicate thigh skin wrapped around her brother’s monster by baby oil lubrication and burning fire, sang yok quickly and violently, the fury of the intensity of the little eight-year-old body followed by shock.

To Be Continue…… but maybe this the End 🙂

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